Have you ever been classified as learning disabled?

Posted by: Wylted

  • I'm learning disabled

  • I'm not learning disabled

42% 8 votes
58% 11 votes
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MulanLabe says2015-12-25T11:33:09.5336576Z
For those who don't get it, the question is literately asking if your stupid xD
Deb-8-A-Bull says2015-12-25T12:34:49.7558405Z
I can't read and I can't write ,but I can drive a tractor alright.
Wylted says2015-12-25T15:23:22.4279718Z
Mulan, the question is not asking if you're stupid
reece says2015-12-25T15:42:04.9187763Z
@Deb-8-A-Bull You're a pretty good poet ;)
reece says2015-12-25T15:51:02.8189282Z
Agriculture would be more accurate but farming sounds better.
Vox_Veritas says2015-12-25T16:00:42.3259621Z
This is probably not asking if you're stupid; it's asking if you have a mental disability that makes it harder for you to succeed in school.
MulanLabe says2015-12-25T17:22:15.3600571Z
Having a LEARNING DISABILITY. So you have trouble LEARNING something the rest don't. What is that other than stupid?
TBR says2015-12-25T18:46:29.2956463Z
@MulanLabe - It seems like you little understanding of the topic.
reece says2015-12-25T18:56:36.8887555Z
@MulanLabe See, i went into specifics. Now you have a try.
MulanLabe says2015-12-25T19:21:10.7985073Z
Oh come on, the fact that I was generalizing, the xD and the CAPITAL LETTERS should have given it away as a joke. However as far as learning disabilities are concerned, the vast majority of cases are complete rubbish. Take a look at the stats, mostly boys are classified as "disabled", and the main symptoms: Lack of concentration is school, access energy and lack of discipline, or as it's also known, being a kid........ It comes from the notion that boys and girls are, or should be the same, which is bullshit....... And as for the kids who have actual conditions, the most common disability is low IQ a.K.A. Stupid (which is an actual disability).
TBR says2015-12-25T20:23:31.1092021Z
There are more than enough stupid kids MulanLabe (50% of the population) to not dismiss childeren that have additional difficulties learning as stupid. The narrative that we are over classifying is as obnoxious and counterproductive as just saying "they are stupid".
Wylted says2015-12-25T22:39:17.4075106Z
I have a 165 IQ, but have been classified as having a learning disability. I also happen to be a quick study, so I don't learn slowly. I did have a bunch of speech problems as a kid and had to take LD classes for other reasons. I still have hang ups about my intelligence and think of myself as dumb, but I don't think any unbiased person would call me stupid. I probably do take things too literally though, which may have been why I was classified as such.
MulanLabe says2015-12-25T22:49:25.7568109Z
This is like the saying that you shouldn't judge morbidly obese people on the off chance of them being in the 1 or 2% who actually have a medical condition. No one ever stated that real learning disabilities didn't exist, however you have to concede that of the total number of people classified as having a "learning disability" the vast majority is either classifies wrong or as I said stupid. It's the kind of phrase schools and teachers love to use when they want to explain to the parents that the kid isn't as bright as they thought....
Wylted says2015-12-25T22:55:00.0282971Z
I think you can be classified correctly and still be smart.
reece says2015-12-26T01:58:09.6596703Z
@MulanLabe The reason why i told you to get into specifics is because there are different types of intelligence.
reece says2015-12-26T02:02:56.5262314Z
And there are different types of learning disabilities...

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