Have you ever been offended with any of the following insults by someone? Strangers, family, friends, etc.?

Posted by: EspenEther

Choose which one you've ever been told or offended by the most (for a research paper based off of how society can be hypocritical and judgmental at times; I'll link it to those of you who are interested when I'm finished) *Not meant to offend anyone, it's just a poll.*

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"You need to loosen up/be more social."

"Stop being so depressed and so pessimistic all the time." "Stop being a hermit and be more sociable." "Learn to have some fun." "Get out there and talk to people!" "Stop taking everything so seriously." "If you're so uptight, no one will want to be...  around you." "You're such a loner." Anything regarding your shyness, your preference of company, etc   more
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"You need to gain weight."

"You look anorexic." "Eww, it's a walking skeleton." "Do you throw up after you eat?" "All skin and bones." "You're too skinny. Eat more." "You're trying too hard to please everyone." Anything regarding being underweight, a disorder, etc.
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"You need to try harder."

"You're just showing people that you're lazy and arrogant." "Why don't you take what people tell you and learn from it?" "If you don't change soon, you're going to have a reality check." Anything regarding how you're not trying, you need to work har... der, etc   more
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"You need to stop trying to please everyone."

"You need to stop pretending to be who you're not and be yourself." "You care too much about what we think." "If you keep on trying to please us, you're not going to get anywhere in life." Anything regarding your attempts to try hard being misinter... preted as "trying too hard.   more
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"You need to change your appearance."

"You're so ugly." "You need to stop dressing like Barbie/Ken." "Ever hear of a thing called plastic surgery?" "It's not a fashion show, you know." "You look funny." "I can help you change your style you know." Anything regarding your appearance and ... how it needs to change   more
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"Your socks they smell, your feet they stink, you never take a bath"

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When I got that haircut from Ray Charles

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"You need to lose weight."

"You're so fat." "You're a pig." "Do you ever stop eating?" "Gross." "No one will like you if you're THAT fat. You aren't even trying to lose weight." "You don't even care." Anything regarding being overweight, eating habits, etc.
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(girls) "You need to look more girly."

"You need to stop dressing like a man." "Show more skin, you look so shady!" "Why don't you wear dresses or skirts?" "You look like a boy." "You have to look pretty, so people will like you." Anything regarding your appearance and having to look mor... e feminine to please everyone   more
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"You need to grow up."

"You act so childish." "You need to be more mature." "No one's going to take you seriously." "You're so annoying." "You need to act your age." Anything regarding your maturity and having to change to please everyone.
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Anything negative regarding your or another person's sex/sexual preference.

"Bisexuality, pansexuality, and homosexuality - none of them are real." "You're just confused." "It's just a phase." "You'll understand when you're older..." "Being gay isn't something to be proud of." "You shouldn't go around holding hands with h... im/her. It makes you look queer." "Trannies are disgusting." Anything regarding you or another's sex or sexual preferences   more
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Stalin_Mario says2014-06-16T20:29:46.7431330-05:00
Nothing offends me.
YamaVonKarma says2014-06-16T20:30:36.5230521-05:00
Not even is Bowser toke over Russia and nailed Peach?
muricamurray says2014-06-17T02:03:27.5368815-05:00

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