Have you ever broken a bone?

Posted by: Byzcat

I never broke, nor am I planning to.

  • Yes, I broke a bone

  • No, I have not broke a bone

50% 10 votes
50% 10 votes
  • Both legs, my left arm, my nose, my right hand, dislocated my fibula, don't know if it counts but I cracked my skull open twice.

  • I broke my nose, pinky, wrist and foot. Ahh how I miss playing softball.

  • I was on a kickoff in a football game and I just got ran over by a special teamed and my arm just snapped.

  • Does a toe count? I have never broken a bone in almost 30 years before this Easter, and a toe is the least severe and there is nothing you can do to help it.

    Posted by: benhos
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Byzcat says2015-04-13T17:31:59.3123425-05:00
OW, that sounds painful CannedBread!
Dilara says2015-04-13T19:42:25.0418856-05:00
Canned bread how did you break all those bones?

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