• Yes

  • No

53% 8 votes
47% 7 votes
  • The school was a horrible school and had terrible faculty and support. I could have sued the school...

  • A kid was bullying me on the bus, so I turned around and punched him square in the face. Was suspended for 3 days, but he never bothered me again.

  • I was suspended once for defending myself after a person started attacking me.

  • Yes, but I got a full pardon.

    Posted by: LsnapZ
  • I should have hit him back, knowing the faculty was going to be that strict.

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triangle.128k says2015-07-14T22:28:22.5523811-05:00
Suspension is a pretty stupid punishment... It's throwing back one on valuable education. Heck, people suspended are probably just going to watch TV or whatever whole they're suspended.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-15T02:09:02.0930061-05:00
"Youre in trouble for not doing what you're supposed to do in school which is learning!!! We are punishing you.....By suspending you from school away from the work you don't want to do anyway!!!" LOL what logic.

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