• Yes, I have had surgery

  • No, I never had surgery

69% 11 votes
31% 5 votes
  • I had my tonsils removed when I was 7, and I had to get a marble removed from my foot (It was there when I was born, Idk how it got there) when I was 13.

    Posted by: benhos
  • I had to do some surgery on myself when I get a bit of scorpion in my leg. I just took a knife to it and cut it out. It hurt a lot, but I got better.

  • Once at 4 years old for tonsil removal and once at 12 to remove a severely ingrown toenail.

  • I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. I also had surgery on both my legs, one was a skiing accident, the other was when I got stabbed in my left leg, they had to remove some left over stuff in my leg. I also had some muscle tissue removed in my right arm(don't ask me why it is a long story). Another time they just opened up my chest because my rib cage got so obliterated that it needed surgery (I'm fine now).

  • Probably more than anyone on DDO

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