Have you ever had your palm read?

Posted by: Logical.Assasinator

As in getting a pal reading.

  • Yea

  • Nay

30% 3 votes
70% 7 votes
  • I did it to test the person out, it i laughably predictable. It is fake.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • I have, and it actually provided some valuable insights. I am more inclined to believe that the woman was simply skilled at reading people, but who knows?

  • It doesn't work.

  • No, but my mother did. In the Fall of 1950, she had her palm read by a gypsy at the state fair. She was told: 1. You have never met the man you will marry, but you will meet him soon. 2. Your husband will be several years older than you. 3. I see two pregnancies and 3 children. My parents met in February of 1952. They married that same year. My father was 20 years older than my mother & lived in another state. My mother had 2 pregnancies. The first was twins & 8 years later I came along. Was it coincidence? Or did the gypsy really see that in her palm?

  • I don't really believe it.

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