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Yes, I have heard of it.

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No, I have never heard of it.

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Josh_b says2014-04-29T13:35:16.5013417-05:00
My UCCS english teacher made us read this book.
Jevinigh says2014-04-29T13:37:43.6852130-05:00
What did you think?
Josh_b says2014-04-29T13:46:49.7204002-05:00
It talks about using technology that is restricted to personal knowledge. Rather than working machines that are so simple monkeys can use them. Some of it is ok. But I have a hard time applying the concepts. Some examples that I thought about after reading it are: I shouldn't have a car unless I know how to make the car. I shouldn't use electricity unless I create the energy myself. I guess some concept are reasonable, like don't rely to heavily on machines, and accept the imperfection of very day life. What do you think? And Why did you ask?
Jevinigh says2014-04-29T13:54:09.1528130-05:00
:D Old School Labor of Man stuff. Technocracy as a modern concept is different but does maintain a decentralized attitude. Advocating high degrees of technical literacy for Independence.
Muttl200 says2014-04-29T14:09:25.7776130-05:00
Bah my comment went post on no. But anyways I haven't heard about it till now. I looked into it and it seems like a very interesting concept. I'm curious if it would work.

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