• Yes

  • No

70% 30 votes
30% 13 votes
  • I love to shoot guns it is great and helps you de-stress because of the strict breathing. Plus I love the smell of gunpowder

  • I've gone skeet shooting several times, and I'm pretty good with nailing the target.

    Posted by: Rami
  • 3-gun, hunting, shooting stuff out in the middle of nowhere, I've done it all :)

  • Hiding the body was such a hassle though :(

  • @Uther you could've brought it here and had my slave empire hide it!!

  • I have never shot a gun before...nuthin much else to say!

  • Target Shooting.

  • Yes I have. My God but how hard is a yes/no question. It does not matter where you did it or what you shot at. This is a good question. It is like asking if you have ever been in a car crash. I have. I feel that I know what a car crash feels like. I would enter young drivers into stock car races just to establish this reference for them. I have killed using a rifle, many times. A few rabbits and many crows. I also fished extensively in my younger days. I tell you this to explain that I know what it is like to kill using a gun. It was a good education for an inquisitive youth. Should it be on the curriculum. I think it is in Israel, by necessity. That's another 'can of worms' Good question!

  • I have a smexy .22 that I shoot whenever I can rack up enough ammunition.

    Posted by: benhos
  • yes and i own 46 guns to be exact. my favorite include my AK-47, Ak-74, PKM, Scar, 6.5 grendel, Mosin Nagant, and My Ruger MIni 14

  • Depends on what kind of gun, but yes, I shot a Nerf gun, an Airsoft gun, a water gun, a paintball gun, a real shotgun, a real pistol, and a real rifle.

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reece says2015-10-08T06:44:50.3077884Z
Good idea. We can use it against the gays. Let's start recruiting.
Teaparty1 says2015-10-08T06:45:31.5383241Z
reece says2015-10-08T06:48:33.2469593Z
The gay agenda man.
reece says2015-10-08T06:56:16.8935872Z
Sweet, i got your pm.
Teaparty1 says2015-10-08T06:57:06.0644720Z
I didn't PM you...
reece says2015-10-08T06:58:19.7115999Z
Oh, right *wink*
Teaparty1 says2015-10-08T06:59:30.0203492Z
reece says2015-10-08T07:02:43.5391087Z
Good idea. Make them think you're one of them.
ButterCatX says2015-10-08T11:27:08.0202380Z
@legendary I hope that you do, I suggest a .22 rifle those things are so fun to shoot.
zeromeansnothing says2015-10-08T18:41:07.4533300Z
I have never shot a gun because they are expensive and hard to repair.
Haroush says2015-10-09T21:11:06.6416237Z
Lol @ Jonbonbon

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