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Haroush says2014-05-20T10:17:52.5986356-05:00
Doesn't it?! I think more people should do this at least for 15 minutes twice a day in order to refresh their mind throughout the day. Also, waking up early in the morning and spending at least a 1/2 a hour to 45 minutes thinking about things you need to get done today, and thinking up solutions for on-going problems can be quite helpful in making each day less stressful.
Haroush says2014-05-20T10:20:15.7469635-05:00
^^^ @ Cold-Mind
marinaspins says2014-05-21T10:25:51.6048484-05:00
Okay so one time i tried this and the whole time i realized i was thinking about not thinking. But i think after a while it becomes easier. Its kinda like meditating i guess where eventually it becomes natural to think about nothing and truly clear your mind
Formerland1 says2014-06-15T22:53:16.3693309-05:00
I try but it doesn't work my inner thoughts just get louder as my main thought quiets down

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