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No, I've never felt the need or desire to murder

I either don't have an interest in doing so or could never dream of killing someone, even if they're a horrible person, no one deserves to die. It's not just that I wouldn't do it, it's that I wouldn't even think about it or play it in my mind.
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Yes, particular person and vengeful reason

I know someone who deserves to die, or I've felt that way in the past but not anymore, based on something they did to me or someone I know.
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Yes, no particular person, I just hate humans

Humans as a whole race should be destroyed, or I just may be an angsty teenager who went through hardships, humans don't like me, so why would I like them?
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Yes, no particular person or reason

Just for the sake of being interested in doing so, but doesn't mean I would actually do it, and has desirable thoughts of murdering someone.
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tajshar2k says2015-07-07T15:00:37.2944627-05:00
Idk if I should answer this...
shroomis says2015-07-07T20:32:12.6103954-05:00
There is a difference in desire and interest. I would love to see into the mind of a killer, or see what someone saw, like Albert Fish for example. It would be incredibly interesting, to say the least. Though, this isn't a desire to kill, but rather a curiosity for morbid things in general. If nothing else simply learning to appreciate or understand things that are initially repulsive or grotesque is exciting to me.
Najs says2015-07-08T00:13:08.7494313-05:00
Hmm...I shouldn't answer this lol. To kill someone, whether they deserve it (ex: Hitler) or not, you kill a part of yourself.
DanielleNicole3238 says2015-07-08T19:33:02.7469999-05:00
What the hell . . .

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