Have you ever watched any of Rucka Rucka Ali's rap videos?

Posted by: tajshar2k

  • Yes

  • No

80% 12 votes
20% 3 votes
  • Super racist, but I gotta admit some of them were pretty funny. The most racist one was the Ebola one.

  • A friend at school showed me the Osama Bin Laden one.

  • Rucka is a hyperbolic comedian. A proud defiant of the political correctness that haunts the web nowadays. Creativity allied to a catchy yet provocative disposition, both are the key aspects of his viral creations. Truly authentic artist, rare thing to see someone quite like him or even close.

  • They're good.

  • I like them for the fact that he is not scared to say anything no matter the backlash. You gotta admire someone with balls as big as his.

    Posted by: GinaF
  • Love this dude. He has really 'woken up'.

    Posted by: Roach
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bwana217 says2015-04-15T12:20:05.8337281-05:00
I have to say with respect to the ostensible racism. Most of what appears to be racist to the unsophisticated in this form of speech actually mocks racism by playing it out to a ridiculous level and functions as a reductio ad absurdum. But an explanation like this won't work for those who don't get it.

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