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PetersSmith says2015-05-15T16:28:02.0096363-05:00
You are very tenacious.
Dilara says2015-05-15T16:37:13.1491021-05:00
For wanting social justice for victims of racism? Wait tell you see my poll about the poverty on indian reservations.
PetersSmith says2015-05-15T16:46:36.9559303-05:00
Dilara: For spamming the same "stories" over and over again. We get it, blacks kill white people, what is new?
Dilara says2015-05-15T17:17:11.5238501-05:00
To some people yes
kman100 says2015-05-15T19:19:03.3002469-05:00
It's actually not new to anyone besides your imagined liberal stereotype.
TBR says2015-05-15T19:20:35.9403773-05:00
Yet another bad link Dilara.
Mister_Man says2015-05-15T19:34:26.1959390-05:00
Dilara, what you should do is just post a story of a black-on-white killing whenever the media addresses a white-on-black killing. Unfortunately posting dozens of these doesn't do a lot anymore except piss off Brian and Stefy (which is great), but doesn't accomplish anything really. I'd say wait until the media addresses white-on-black crimes and then you can bring up a black-on-white one, to even it out, since the biased liberal media won't accept that black people can also sometimes be bad.
Dilara says2015-05-15T21:09:14.9675535-05:00
Thanks mister man. Just type conservative headlines black on white murderer memorial wall into google.
briantheliberal says2015-05-15T21:52:59.2175973-05:00
MIster_Man, first misconception, I don't get pissed off at these ridiculous polls. I get pissed off at Dilara for using these incidences to further her own race baiting agenda over and over. Because unlike you, I don't defend something when I know it's wrong because you share the same distorted viewpoints, no matter how far from reality they are. It's pathetic. So kindly, refrain from mentioning my name from this point onward in your ignorant tirades because you aren't even man enough to confront me directly when it counts.
Stefy says2015-05-15T22:01:48.1538275-05:00
Mister_Man: I dont know about brian but im not pissed off i just disagree. Disagreeing doesn mean you have to get mad at people.
briantheliberal says2015-05-15T23:56:40.3908302-05:00
Exactly Stefy, it's annoying when people think that just because you disagree with something that it pisses you off. The only thing that pisses me off is people's ignorance.
eagleoftheeast says2015-05-16T01:26:36.6967982-05:00
He's afraid confronting you directly is racist
briantheliberal says2015-05-16T03:13:24.4534337-05:00
It's not racist to confront me, he's just a coward. He has proven to me time and time again that he has no balls, which is why he and Varrack both badmouth me when I am not around, and only bother refuting what I say when they have a mob of those who agree with them spouting the same bullsh-t that they do. They are afraid, because I can see past their ignorance, know how to point it out, and effectively argue against it.
briantheliberal says2015-05-16T03:14:18.1124358-05:00
Or I should say, they TRY to refute what I say, they don't actually do it.
Dilara says2015-05-16T10:12:10.7212141-05:00
Brian. Exploiting tragedies to further my racial agenda? Doesnt that sound familiar? Isn't that what liberals did with the trayvon martin and michael brown incidents? Isn't that what al Sharpton does? And I'm getting social justice for people who deserve it.
Stefy says2015-05-16T11:00:52.0770669-05:00
These white victims dont have people in power or in the system or in mass making excuses for why it was justifiable that they were victimized. Trayvon martin, freddie gray, and eric garner and all those othe victims do have that happening thats the difference.
Renegader says2015-05-16T13:07:28.8004064-05:00
Brian, you clearly are mad about these polls. You seem to be fuming and wrathful whenever dilara makes one.
briantheliberal says2015-05-16T21:02:44.9016616-05:00
Renegader, shut up. You think everyone who disagrees with you is angry. Expressing disagreement, and pity doesn't equate being angry so try again.
briantheliberal says2015-05-16T21:07:58.9815527-05:00
Dilara, "Exploiting tragedies to further my racial agenda? Doesnt that sound familiar?" - Again what the hell is your point supposed to be? You doing it is okay because other people do it too? The difference is there is actually a systemic issue among the black community in America that liberals are confronting, such is not the case with white people. But you ignore this, and peddle your tired propaganda over and over as if you are somehow fighting something that doesn't exist, which is pathetic and sad.
WNdebater says2015-05-17T08:46:54.5056970-05:00
Briantheliberal: How come when Dilara brings up black-on-white crime it's "race-baiting" but protesting white-on-black crime is social justice?
WNdebater says2015-05-17T08:58:16.9477474-05:00
Actually, black crimes against whites are far more common than white crimes against blacks. It seems like there is a systemic issue in the white community of being the victims of blacks. According to data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), 320,082 whites were victims of black violence in 2010, while 62,593 blacks were victims of white violence. That same year, according to the Census Bureau, the white and black populations in the U.S. were 196,817,552 and 37,685,848, respectively. Whites therefore committed acts of interracial violence at a rate of 32 per 100,000, while the black rate was 849 per 100,000. In other words, the “average” black was statistically 26.5 times more likely to commit criminal violence against a white, than vice versa. Moreover, blacks who committed violent crimes chose white victims 47.7% of the time, whereas whites who committed violent crimes targeted black victims only 3.9% of the time. For many years and for a wide variety of crimes, this pattern has been among the most consistent findings of criminal-justice research. Nationwide in 2010, there were approximately 67,755 black-on-white aggravated asaults, as compared to just 1,748 white-on-black crimes of the same description. Thus, blacks committed acts of interracial aggravated assault at a rate of 181 per 100,000—fully 201 times higher than the white rate of 0.9 per 100,000. Moreover, blacks guilty of aggravated assault chose white victims 44.1% of the time, while whites who committed aggravated assault selected black victims only six-tenths of 1% of the time. Also in 2010, there were approximately 13,463 black-on-white rapes and 38,744 black-on-white robberies. Blacks guilty of rape chose white victims 50.2% of the time, and blacks who committed robbery chose white victims 48% of the time. By contrast, the number of white-on-black rapes and robberies reported in the NCVS surveys were so infinitesimal, that in each case whites were estimated to have accounted for 0.0% of all rapes and robberies committed against black victims in the United States.
Dilara says2015-05-17T11:02:02.3465436-05:00
Thanks WN. Bringing up black on white crime is race baiting but constantly talking about it on the news and hanging hugs protests and blocking roads isn't?. Considering that black on white crime is more common isn't that kind of silly?. And it's great that you admit that extreme liberals race bate.
WNdebater says2015-05-19T20:34:14.2161970-05:00
Thanks, Dilara.

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