Have you lost faith in humanity yet?

Posted by: Black-Jesus

I can remember the precise reason and about when I lost my faith in humanity. When I told my personal friends about this, they asked me how I kept it that long.

  • Yes

  • No

83% 15 votes
17% 3 votes
  • I'm just tired of all the sexism against men! I feel like humanity is fool of f*gs, retards, morons, sexist feminists, bitches, and dweebs who are completely useless in every way! What we need is someone who will FIGHT TO THE DEATH for men's rights! I haven't completely lost faith in humanity but I'm getting more and more misanthropic every single day! If only all sexists could be elctrocuted and burned alive! Yeah, I sound like a harsh moron! Well, deal with it!

  • Yeah, I've given into despair when it comes to Humanity.

  • Lost it quite a while ago. Now I realize how stupid I was to have had it in the first place! Humans are simply retarded monkeys. They have no worth or value. I'm so tired of humans praising themselves as if they matter in the universe. Monkeys, just stupid monkeys at best. At worst, a plague, a cancer, a scourge to be eliminated, eradicated, exterminated.

  • Humanity consists primarily of idiots. There's a couple of great people out there, but the vast majority are crappy people. I feel this way particularly when on this site- since this site is dominated by American's, and honestly, whenever I see stats based upon what American people actually genuinely believe, I feel shame in humanity.

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