Have you read the whole Bible?

Posted by: TU238

Please only answer this if you are are Christian, I'm interested to learn about them.

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Yes or atleast most of it

29 votes

No, Only some of it

18 votes

None of it

11 votes

No, But atleast a quarter of it

5 votes
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No, But atleast least half of it

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MitchV says2018-12-18T07:02:40.7386951Z
I find it funny but not surprising that even tho the majority of people claim to be Christian, The majority has also read about a quarter or less of their own scriptures. It's been to my experience that the only exposure to actually reading the bible is in church and only the passages directed by the clergy. If people actually read it, They would see not only issues but how religious practices actually go against parts of the bible such as the first few of the 10 commandments and how Jesus said to do The Lord's Prayer.
smokey0990 says2018-12-18T09:11:44.8140867Z
"Yes, I've read all of it" wasn't even an option, That alone says a lot. Also, You should never read your kids that book or make them read it. I know from first hand experience that is absolutely not a book for 12 year olds.
aewr says2018-12-18T13:07:22.5529671Z
Not hypocritical, Christianity is the new covenant replacing the old covenant. Its not necessary for salvation, Very useful for lessons learned, Priests were basically butchers. The veil was torn and the sacrificial system ended with Christ's resurection. The Jewish law can be summed up with Jesus command to love your neighbor as yourself, And love your enemy.
MitchV says2018-12-18T14:11:35.0600528Z
@aewr, Yet Jesus participated in Passover. A ritual that commonly had sacrifices. In one such visit he basically made a whip and beat the money changers with it. Does that sound like "love your enemy" or "assault your enemy or any others you don't approve of"? Yes, The bible did take on a new temperament in the new testament, But that sounds suspect. After all, If Jesus is the human form of God he would have the same temperament yet instead of invoking his wrath including genocide as the old, The new talks of forgiveness and salvation.
smokey0990 says2018-12-19T10:24:46.2169105Z
It's no accident that the new testament is so much more focused on salvation. Early Christians put together the new testament and more or less "invented" the idea of hell. There are some possible predecessors mentioned in the old testament, As well as some of the books excluded from the old testament. However, There was originally no terrible place you go to for all eternity if you screw up. The worst you could suffer was God's wrath here on earth, And even that had a silver lining since many passages mention that those who suffer most on earth are rewarded greatly in heaven. Add hell to the story and things kind of change, Forced to suffer on earth and potentially damned to hell for forgetting to sacrifice a goat seemed like a bit much. Plus the context of many stories is completely changed. It's no longer God and one of his top angels (the great adversary Lucifer) judging the worthiness of God's followers (which is kind of Lucifer's whole thing without hell, Testing mankind's worthiness). Now suddenly it's the all good God engaging in his epic struggle for souls with the all evil Devil. It paints a much scarier picture for the people caught in the middle. If God doesn't change his tune and start with the forgiving, How was he ever gonna get any followers? Too much stick and no carrot can not possibly work out well. All of that said, The shift ushered in by the new testament was not so extreme as most Christians seem to think. There are multiple examples of violence in the new testament. As was pointed out Jesus himself was not the pacifist he is often portrayed as today. Also, What's the deal with revelations? Why do no Christians factor that into it? Does it not count as violent or does it not count as part of the new testament? Neither idea makes much sense to me so I'm genuinely asking. In my opinion far worse than the violence was all the bigotry misogyny and narrow minded thinking it not only promotes but basically demands of it's followers. None of that changed a bit from the old testament.
MELB2412 says2018-12-19T13:35:24.4443872Z
I am a christian child of god
Haberak says2019-01-16T20:26:14.8615767Z
Sorry mate I didn't see the caption to this and I don't know how to delete comments. Just ignore mine and subtract one from "No, But atleast half of it"
DebateIsFun13 says2019-02-16T02:03:25.0082694Z
My family and I have gone through it all at least twice
BOBGEN2 says2019-07-23T00:28:11.2202124Z
Nah, I am not really into fictitious works based on a cheating lying women

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