• Affordable Care Act

  • GOP Health Care Plan

76% 13 votes
24% 4 votes
  • Doesn't take away essential benefits to everyone

  • This is one of the great contributions of Obama.

    Posted by: jc1996
  • The ACA has open many doors for me, I was declared disable and have to get two spinal surgeries, one in my lower back L1-L5, the other around my neck between C3-C6, in 2013 a doctor told me my surgery would cost $80,000. Through the Affordable Care Act, I was blessed to get Medicaid through Medicaid Expansion I will get my surgery to replace discs in my spine with pins and rods and get a fusion to fix damaged discs in my neck and Medicaid will pay for it. I know the ACA is not a perfect system but the ACA has open plenty doors for me and not only that, I get to call the transportation department and get free rides to all my appointments.

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BrendanD19 says2017-07-03T22:03:01.6983850Z
Single Payer
SirMaximus says2017-07-04T19:41:24.3783643Z
Are those really my only options? They both suck.
cwt002 says2017-07-06T16:43:45.8561557Z
Get government out of health care- Single Payer approach is better
fastmikey2080 says2017-08-16T14:19:29.5738946Z
Neither. The Federal Government should not be involved in peoples health care at all. They always screw it up.

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