• Hulk

  • Wolverine

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38% 5 votes
  • Umm... your statement does not even make sense. Hulk is indestructible. He shot a bullet down his throat and then spit it right out. This is a very close fight, but I gotta give it to the Hulk.

    Posted by: Eli01
  • I believe they did fight, and Wolverine got ripped in half https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/ultimate-comics-wolverine/id553868710?mt=11

  • Even Wolverine wouldn't be able to survive the damage done to him by the Hulk once the green goliath got angry enough. Sorry, Logan, but you just aren't the one to take out the Hulk.

  • Wolverine has healing .nuff said .

  • I think wolverine could heal after a beating by hulk. If the hulk somehow was caught in between his human form however he might be torn up

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Basilone says2014-11-21T12:57:52.5309304-06:00
Um no. If Batman could do it, and yes he did do it, then so could Wolverine. Who else did it? Spiderman, Superman, The Thing etc. But of course that must be wrong huh Eli01? You must read so very much.
Eli01 says2014-11-21T13:00:16.5070220-06:00
I did not say he could not do it. I said, in my opinion, that Hulk would win.
dbushwacker says2014-11-21T14:17:34.7540622-06:00
Its just a marketing spin, make the baddest heroes look evil so you can kill em' off. Yeah he died quite a few times but did you see the first movie, he is ferocious and as tough as wolverine is all the Hulk has to do is grab him by the feet, slam him from once side to the other and bam, done. But, then there is the question if wolverine can actually die, if he can then please enlighten me because I never read the comics.
Formerland1 says2014-11-21T14:28:59.2105856-06:00
If you ruled wolvorine in half you'd get two of them like a starfish .
DarthKirones says2014-11-21T14:52:25.9228520-06:00
The Hulk also heals? Your point ?
Formerland1 says2014-11-21T18:45:49.4417096-06:00
It would break even until the fact that the hulk will eventually turn into a human .
DarthKirones says2014-11-21T19:47:40.3868596-06:00
Not unless Wolverine suddenly has the ability to absorb gamma energy

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