Hillary or Trump

Posted by: spraven

Taking two of the most hated people of america, and put them against each other

  • Trump

  • Hillary

61% 27 votes
39% 17 votes
  • I don't believe that a woman should lead the country, besides the fact that Hillary is very physically ill.

  • Make America Great Again!

  • MAGA, crook or a moderate Republican who's tough on Immigration, an easy choice tbh

  • Hillary ideas are failures, And even though trump has a loud mouth, I feel like trump would be much better to keep these illegals out of this country

  • Hillary is a proven crook

  • Clinton is a crook.

  • I find it hard to vote for someone who has to remove her human face every night before she goes to lie in her coffin

  • For America's sake, people! Hillary is under investigation for MURDER! She is too dangerous for America, why are you dummies voting for her at all?!

  • Trump is a danger to American democracy. He cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons and is a white supremacist in the purest sense of the word.

  • Both are awful choices, but I guess hilliary... Bernie was our only chance

  • Hillary may be a crook, but Trump is a documented crook. There's no actual proof that Hillary herself has committed any crime. There are multiple instances of documented fraud and theft on Trump's part. Clinton may be secretly against minorities, but Trump is openly against minorities. The choice, from the standpoint of an objective observer, is very clear. Only those who vote emotionally, with no regard to the actual consequences of their vote, could possibly pick Trump over Clinton. And I say this as a Sanders volunteer.

  • Trump is a blatantly racist, sexist, homophobic and childish man who should not be put in charge of tying his own shoelaces let alone running a country.

  • To be clear, I fucking hate them both.

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Cakedragon says2016-09-07T03:02:05.4030745Z
While you are welcome to your own opinions about Hillary and Trump, I will stick to being anti Trump due to his impulsiveness which could lead to problems if he were to win office, and his tendency to say offensive things that would likely upset other countries. I also believe that his policies on immigration are harsh and uncalled for, but I won't go into that to much here. But hey, I'm only thirteen years old. What do I know?
spraven says2016-09-07T13:04:18.2666232Z
Hillary ideas are crap, And even though trump does have a loud mouth. Trump would push us farther than Hillary would ever be able to do. Keep the illegals out.
spraven says2016-09-07T13:11:50.7631238Z
+Cakedragon The immigration policies are the truth, Every back person who have be doing debates with college kids who do not know what they are talking about. Also no one cares about being offensive, Because politics do not care about how you feel and nor do I
U.n says2016-09-10T23:07:10.1562688Z
They're both crooks.

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