Hip hop good or bad

Posted by: bebatable

Hip hop is now changing take your side on what you believe it is.

Poll closed on 9/25/2017 at 12:00AM.
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Good because hip hop influences kids to do better things in life

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Bad because it has a bad language that shouldn't be used by a child

2 votes
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davidchasetaylorismyguide says2017-09-14T01:09:58.0490762Z
The description for bad really is sub par and shows lack of understanding of the opposition.
JimShady says2017-09-15T22:47:23.6122035Z
Screw you.
NDECD1441 says2017-09-16T04:15:37.1816801Z
The reason why I like hip hop is not that its encourages others to do other things. It is because it is catchy and it is actually honest.
Chatsa says2017-12-10T22:01:23.7644661Z
I dislike it, through It isn’t necessarily bad

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