• Hip Hop

  • Rock n roll

18% 5 votes
82% 23 votes
  • "For those about to rock, we salute you"

  • hip hop is complete garbage

  • In the words of AC/DC, "GET STONED!" quote from Have a Drink on Me

  • I like rock more than hip hop because rock is real music, I mean, they play the instruments, there are a great variety in the rock gender, since metal to punk, progressive, nu metal, etc. etc. etc. and my soul is linked with rock, hip hop maybe is good for others but I feel nothing when I listen to that music, long live to rock and roll

  • I was born in the wrong decade...

    Posted by: jmiles
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Najs says2015-07-06T20:48:08.3647427-05:00
I like the old original hip hop and rock n roll

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