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61% 22 votes
  • Public schooling holds children back and is too one-size-fits-all; home schooling allows children to advance at their own pace. It's a better educational experience.

  • Homeschooling (and I mean NO offense to public schoolers) aren't taught what government officals want kids to learn. We learn more about polotics and US gov. than we would in public schools. Many people argue that homeschoolers have no social life, but many attend clubs/groups, do charity work, go to church, or have homeschool co-ops where they interact with other homeschoolers. We also don't have to sit in school for 8 hours. I start at 9, I'm finished by 12. Then I spend the day doing what I want. And I do just the same ammount, if not more, school as public schoolers. I just don't have to wait on other students to finish.

  • Sticking a bunch of kids - each with unique ideas, desires, and learning strategies - into one room and expecting them tho all learn the same thing is ridiculous at best.

  • Please don't bring up the social issue. I will be graduating high school this year and can't tell you how much gripe I get about it. I have literally had people tell me to my face that I must have social issues because I don't receive public education, WHILE I'M TALKING TO THEM!!! That is the biggest misconception about homeschoolers. I am constantly involved in my community meeting new people and friends. I know many people that go to public school that can't stand socializing with people (Facebook/twitter doesn't count). Why do I need to sit through one 45 minute class while in the same period of time I could do 4. Not to mention the fact that parents have no control over the curriculum the school uses ( homeschool obviously does). If you truly want to debate over which is better than you must come up with something more convincing than "social issues."

  • i say homeschoolers because you don't have to be bullied by any one and you can't distract the class

  • 73% of homeschooling parents said that displeasure with our schooling system is one of the reasons why they homeschool. With homeschooling, you get more freedom, more options, and more opportunities. One of the most common myths about homeschoolers is that they have little or no "social skills." Studies have proven that homeschoolers actually outscore public schoolers not only in socialization, but also in communication, daily living, and maturity.

  • I'm home schooled and getting a fabulous education. I have LOTS of friends from co-ops, camps, sports, church, and I'm completely sociable. I know how to be around other people, that's not a problem. Home schoolers don't live on ranches in tiny houses that they never leave so that they don't see people. To be completely honest, home schoolers are VERY stereo typed and the majority of home schoolers are very similar to private or even public schoolers, but without all the pregnant teens, bad language, inappropriate clothing, drugs, and everything else you're exposed to in schools.

  • Homeschool is really a bad idea considering the crappy education kids are getting anyway.

  • I pick public school because being home schooled doesn't allow one to be as social as one who has public school and therefore makes them miss out on a once and a lifetime moment in their life.

  • I'm not too hot on either, but public school has the advantage of exposing students to diverse cultures/opinions. Homeschooling raises the chances of a child simply adopting the exact opinions of their parents due to a lack of exposure or a strong bias.

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Krieg01 says2013-10-21T18:45:56.2500157-05:00
Fair enough Poonskie
rammstauffenberg says2013-10-22T21:27:33.9617254-05:00
Is it really necessary to have a real life example of how stupid kids are poonskie, krieg01? It's pretty obvious without the insidious post.
jesusfreak22 says2013-10-23T22:08:24.6703100-05:00
Wow poonskie, really? That's your arguement?

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