Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

Posted by: jmbeatty99

Which animated father is better? Homer or Peter?

  • Homer Simpson

  • Peter Griffin

60% 21 votes
40% 14 votes
  • Family Guy is simply funnier than the Simpsons. It walks the line between funny and... well, also Mindanao funny if you're like me.

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abyteofbrain says2014-04-30T20:38:33.5040619-05:00
Somebody actually watches those cartoons of low-lives made by perverts?
Owlz says2014-04-30T21:08:57.5184619-05:00
My mommy says they're vulgar, inappropriate and that I shouldn't watch them. She is correct about the first two things. But I did end up watching some Family Guy anyways. It's not all stupidity. There is actually some pretty good stuff in it. Simpsons never interested me and what little I have seen of it has not impressed me.
Wylted says2014-05-01T03:14:57.4356619-05:00
Simpsons seem like, plain entertainment, while family guy is entertainment laced with liberal propaganda. I understand that liberals are typically more artistic and entertaining than conservatives, but sometimes I just don't feel like seeing the propaganda so plainly clear in their programming.
hd1997 says2014-05-05T07:38:50.6794849-05:00
I love the Simpsons more than family guy they don't pick on each other and they are all kind
jmbeatty99 says2014-05-05T17:49:43.0697701-05:00
Look, this is a poll for fun. Not a place to criticize television. If you want to tell me that there are bad things in this show, then I will agree. There are some parts that can probably be left out, but this isn't a debate on what you think of these shows. Either vote on the poll or go somewhere else to complain about modern day society.
jmbeatty99 says2014-05-05T17:53:12.9677701-05:00
If you have something fun to say, or which show you like better, say it. If you want to tell me that these shows are awful, and shouldn't even be allowed to talk about, shut your mouth and take it somewhere else. Again, this is for fun and isn't a page for debating why these shows are horrid and vulgar.

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