How brainwashed is America about its military?

Posted by: 1814Username

I watched ESPN all afternoon. In four hours, I saw eight commercials about the military that are aimed at convincing young men to give up their lives for old men's squabbles. Tonight during the nightly news I am sure I will see at least 3 commercials in an hour. Look at our last two wars. Nothing was accomplished. Lots of people died and our economy is in shambles. When CNN money reports that only 62% of adults are working, you know something is wrong. We went to war and it was pointless.

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We are not brainwashed.

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We are very brainwashed. Anyone, who actually tracks commercials and TV program, can see this clearly.

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The United States pursued the MK Ultra program for years. You don't think they did that for nothing do you? They know all about conditioning the masses.

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We are so brainwashed that if you give me a topic, I will tell you the politically correct answers you will hear before the topic is even discussed.

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1814Username says2014-07-28T16:32:19.4043256-05:00
I urge everyone to do a little experiment. Track the commercials and TV shows you see. Everything is about consuming, obeying authority, and patriotic nationalism. In fact, it is scary how the media mimics Nazi tactics on conditioning. Every been to a politically rally? Many people are so brainwashed that they will literally hate someone from a different party. It is crazy.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-28T16:42:36.1964764-05:00
The military is not brainwashed, were a group of highly trained individuals that protects the interests of the nation, we are actually smarter than most would think, those who think other should move to Guantanamo. Screw you~USMC
1814Username says2014-07-28T16:46:07.8993998-05:00
Thanks rightwing. You proved my point wonderfully. Your whole response is to move to "Guantanamo". You mean the place that houses people that are not related to terrorism at all. The place the entire world wants shut down and that is reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps? But thanks for proving my point.
1814Username says2014-07-28T16:47:53.4042287-05:00
By the way, here are the facts on GITMO:
1814Username says2014-07-28T16:50:17.1410164-05:00
For those who really want to be educated on GITMO, I did the leg work for you:
Astal3 says2014-07-28T17:06:18.5730544-05:00
Afghanistan was a Nato OP. And Iraq had nothing to do with what the media said it was for. The US got booted from Turkey and we needed a new foothold in the middle east. So the bush administration used the WMD ploy and toppled the regime ( A regime we set up). Now we have the capability to launch full scale assaults out of the middle east. So no it was not pointless.The media has no bias when it comes to lies and brainwashing. But on the other hand you aren't going to get volunteers by saying hey join so we can send you to die. America is based upon capitalistic values and everything is a marketing ploy. So of course everything you see on TV is persuasive. The masses are dumb. But it is up to each individual whether they are "brainwashed" or not. Most in the military are not the to be patriotic. Some go because they have no other option. Others go to get free college. Others go because they honestly want to make a career out of it. And then you have the few that go for solely patriotic reasons.
1814Username says2014-07-28T17:07:53.7537119-05:00
So we went to war for a lie huh? Those are your words --- WMD was a ploy --- a lie. So how do you know what the truth is and isn't with a government that will lie to go to war?
1814Username says2014-07-28T17:12:48.9269882-05:00
Oh, don't get me wrong. I have no problems with soldiers. I come from a military family and I fully understand why people join the military. I have a problem with our government sending our soldiers to war for BS. The last 20 years of wars was nothing but BS.
Astal3 says2014-07-28T17:16:00.0150629-05:00
This is the one poll I actually agree with you on yes. But my question is what is your point? Every government lies to their populations. The masses are dumb we have know that for thousands of years. There are a lot of people who see through the medias bull ( though sadly not enough) but the reality is what are we going to do about it? And on a national perspective other countries would slit our throat in a heartbeat. So you stay alive by being the nastiest on the block. Which is why America is a superpower. This country was built on murder as is any country. We just happened to be the most organized in doing it. But all the horrible stuff you hear about in scary stories is why Americans can live in their ignorant carefree bubbles in the first place
1814Username says2014-07-28T17:19:47.4020320-05:00
Actually, you don't need to murder and go to war. Just have a strong defense. In fact, the greatest societies have a strong defense, do not go to war, and invest in their internal economy. Going to war only makes small segments of a society rich. Make no mistake --- during peace time, countries prosper much more than war time. Also, let's face facts, there is not a really huge threat to America. Only two countries really are a threat and both of them are so intertwined with US economically, it would end up bad for both nations if war was declared.
Astal3 says2014-07-28T17:38:29.8934216-05:00
We do have a good defense. The best in the world. We are literally everywhere. That i why our government does the shady things it does. That is why no country is a threat militarily. But we go to war not for moral reasons but for economic ones. We invaded Iraq sure for oil but the big reason was to regain our foothold lost in Turkey. Currently we are shifting focus to the Asia-Pacific to dissuade China from getting too frisky. You are also right about the economies being intertwined. This discourages direct conflict and encourages economic warfare and sabotage. Currently the US controls everything and naturally the world doesn't like that. Now I am not saying our government is a saint but I would rather live under them than say China or Russia.
Daily_Don says2014-07-28T17:50:08.4371416-05:00
Yeah, when your skin or the skin of your loved ones are melting away due to nuclear material obtained from Iran, or maybe due to Iran directly, then say that.
Astal3 says2014-07-28T17:53:13.7752190-05:00
Was that to me don?
Rightwing15 says2014-07-28T18:20:14.2251809-05:00
@astal3, so you bought into the media scam? Aww thats cute, take it from a man who's family and friends who have been there and have lived there, its not a lie, iraq and palestien have WMD's, they almost launched them at india
1814Username says2014-07-28T19:11:53.5211816-05:00
Iran has no desire to blow up a bomb in America. The reality is that countries are pursuing nuclear bombs because America never invades a country that has one. That is why we will not touch North Korea. I have absolutely no fear of a nuclear bomb in America. If there really were terrorists here, we would be having attacks every day of the week. There are so many unguarded targets.... Malls.... Energy plants .... Water .... Overpasses ..... Schools ... The list goes on and on. People forget that we are the only nation to use nukes .... We did it twice as a matter of fact.
Astal3 says2014-07-28T19:29:27.0601689-05:00
@rightwing. I never said they never had them. I said the bush administration used the WMD deal as a ploy. Lots of countries have nukes and we do not invade them. We invaded for other reasons. My apologies if it didn't translate.
ararmer1919 says2014-07-28T22:32:36.6885153-05:00
Jesus tap dancing christ.
Wolf_Fang says2014-07-29T01:53:38.7831857-05:00
Wikileaks. Enough said.
1814Username says2014-07-29T05:05:26.4590955-05:00
We haven't invaded one country with a nuclear bomb. Not one. It is always some country with limited defenses, no navy, and that has resources. But really my question is about brainwashing because it is obvious that we are being conditioned. Just start tracking TV shows and commercials. Then track the news. The first half of the news is about fear topics, then there will be a military or feel good story, and them from time to time a story about animals. It is laughable once you see the patterns. Fear, fear, fear, authority is good, fear, fear, fear, don't worry you have government that makes you safe, fear, fear, fear.
1814Username says2014-07-29T05:13:59.9948525-05:00
The weird thing is it is all BS. Anyone can do this simple test. Drive around your town and just look at all the targets available to terrorists. Thousands of them if you live in a big city. The reality is that they aren't here. What is really scary is the Boston bombing. You literally see mercenaries walking around with backpacks that look exactly like the one that supposedly that kid planted. Then after the bombing, you see them running away without the back pack. The reality is that America actually knows next to nothing about who does terror events. They could all be staged and you never know because all the footage comes from the government. Then all the footage is cycled through one or two media outlets. I hate to tell people but that is how it works. Every been to a TV station and talk with executives? You should. You would be amazed at how controlled things are. It is like 9/11. There was a news segment where a reporter is literally standing in front of the supposed crash site at the Pentagon. He clearly says there was not a plane. You clearly see that there is no plane. That segment was aired once and never aired again. Gee, I wonder why.
ararmer1919 says2014-07-29T14:22:16.4282165-05:00
Omg kid.
debate_power says2014-08-01T15:01:36.9514744-05:00
1814 is right that we are brainwashed practically every day into believing we still aim to fight noble causes.

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