How crazy is CNN? (See description.)

Posted by: 1814Username

Against my better judgement, I put CNN on today. I could only stand 10 minutes. It is all sensationalism and then when the commercials were on, there was one about terrorism, crime, animals being killed, and natural disasters. If anyone believes that America does not promote a culture of fear, he or she is crazy.

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CNN is insane and yes, America is nothing but a culture of fear.

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No CNN is not insane and America does not promote fear at all.

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-18T15:14:26.1972003-05:00
1814, If CNN is insane, Fox news is mad, like a Fox.
1814Username says2014-07-18T15:15:07.9253991-05:00
CNN and Fox. They are all the same.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-18T15:26:30.2615847-05:00
Hitler and Stalin were both evil, but they were not the same. Neither are CNN and Fox, though they are both shameful examples of journalism.
1814Username says2014-07-18T15:29:23.7672673-05:00
All networks and politicians are the same. All those people go to the same schools, invest in the same stocks, run in the same social circles, date the same people, etc. Heck, the parties dont even run the country. Ever key position is filled by the CFR. This has been going on for decades now.
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T15:43:02.1807957-05:00
And this is why we haven't owned a TV in 15 years.......
quitbitchin says2014-07-18T16:16:52.3726371-05:00
God. Do you seriously have to critisize everything! 9/11, Americans, women, and now CNN.
Stalin_Mario says2014-07-18T16:19:19.1603801-05:00
^ Then what do you do for fun?
ChosenWolff says2014-07-18T16:22:25.4735305-05:00
9/11 was staged by the conservatives to invade Afghanistan, and have a staging point to drone Pakistan.
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T16:30:32.6718610-05:00
Stalin, was the question directed at me or Quit?
ChosenWolff says2014-07-18T16:32:12.0883236-05:00
Mishappen, or is it because you're poor?
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T16:53:25.8988096-05:00
Chosen, no, we are middle class. We don't watch TV because there is very little good in it, and it is rarely presented in an accurate fashion. We read books or play games or work on the computer instead. If we really want to know the news, we can read headlines on the internet. We can get the same information in a less exaggerated way, and in a quicker time. Dad decided that it was preventing him from doing the work he needed to do, so we got rid of it. I don't judge people who watch TV, this is just the way our family has chosen to do it.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-18T18:00:41.3696232-05:00
I use BBC and Circa news.
1814Username says2014-07-18T18:22:51.6852057-05:00
Quit .... You are so brainwashed. Just because I point out the obvious many flaws of 9/11 and America ... It doesn't mean I hate Americans. A true American does not blindly follow. Blindly following is the surest way to lose your country. I don't hate women at all. I have many women in my life. But I also won't just agree with them because they are women. At 29, you should know that many women are hypocrites. Just stop sucking up to them. They dont like that anyway.
quitbitchin says2014-07-18T19:29:43.2222725-05:00
No need to argue with you anymore 1814. I don't understand your judgement and I won't. I hate what you post and many will agree with me.
quitbitchin says2014-07-18T19:36:37.8349752-05:00
Anyhow, how am I sucking up for women? I'm just defending them because of your rudeness. Have some decency in you. Don't you know you are taking this way too far?! I'm not trying to bug you, but seeing you express your opinions like that is just hurtful.
1814Username says2014-07-18T21:37:48.4254015-05:00
You are 29 years old Quit. Grow up. Women don't need you to defend them. I am not being rude to them either. I am not calling them names or anything. I am pointing out things that we all see them do. Grow up and stop trying to play hero on a computer. I highly doubt you are 29. I have this suspicion you are much younger. Your feelings get hurt much too easily. You must have grown up with feminists.
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T21:41:17.1555447-05:00
1814, I personally greatly appreciate Quit's generous and chivalrous attitude. In my opinion, he is acting with more maturity than you in this area. If you are really in your 40's, I would have imagined you would act like an adult who respects others rather than someone with less maturity. Thank you Quit, for defending and standing up for us.
quitbitchin says2014-07-19T10:15:27.6396381-05:00
Calling women hypocrites, calling Americans brainwashed. That sounds pretty hurtful to me. Not even mature! I am just pointing out that what you are saying isn't always true. See 1814, in your last comment you told me I must've grown up with feminists. You are just making a conclusion without further thought. You just throw out information. And for your information, I did not grow up with feminists.
1814Username says2014-07-22T15:06:36.6991644-05:00
Quit is just brainwashed and cant handle the fact that 9/11 has so many holes in it. He or she wants to live in a dream world.

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