How crazy is the official story of 9/11?

Posted by: 1814Username

Please look at the comment section below and read my recap of the official 9/11 story. I believe it is the most absurd story in the history of mankind. None of it makes sense.

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I completely believe the official story.

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The official story is garbage.

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1814Username says2014-07-12T12:14:08.2533103-05:00
On 9/11, 19 amateur terrorists, who couldn't be certified on single engine planes, stole 4 of the biggest (60 ton) and most complicated planes in the world. Planes that had complex software systems that were password protected and controlled remotely. Those amateurs defeated our trillion dollar defense system while under the direction of an Arab guy in a cave who was dying from advanced kidney disease and who was treated earlier in the year at a US hospital. In the years after 9/11, that Arab guy got progressively younger in photos and was ultimately killed by men who dumped his body in the ocean before any third party organization could actually verify it was him. The terrorists flew so perfectly at the Pentagon that they were able to fly 10 feet off the ground while going 500 mph, which is actually impossible because of aerodynamics. Even though there is an Air Force base only 11 miles away from the Pentagon, not one fighter or gunship was scrambled to protect the most important military installation in America. In fact, on that day, all of our jet fighters that were supposed to be protecting the country just happened to be away from the country. Never before in our nation’s history did our extremely good and professional military fail to intercept a wayward plane. But on that day, four planes were not intercepted. Supposedly, the terrorists were fundamentalist Muslims even though there was sworn testimony that they ate pork, swore, saw hookers, and went to strip joints. We never see the terrorists walking through the actual camera covered airports and many of them literally lived right next to American military installations. We do not see them at ticketing, at the terminals, or at the food courts. The only place we see the terrorists is on one camera at a Portland airport when they were boarding a supposed connecting flight. Then 9 of those terrorists end up alive after the tragedy. Two of the planes we never actually see. There is not live footage of the first plane that hit WTC 1. We see the second plane that hit WTC 2 and it has a huge device attached to the bottom of it. No commercial airline has the ability to attach huge pods to the bottoms of their planes – only military planes can do this. We never see the plane that hit the Pentagon or that crashed in PA even though the Pentagon is literally, covered in cameras. WTC 7 came down from simple office fires. Jet fuel burns at 1700 degrees, office fires at considerably less and it takes 2700 degrees to melt steel. It is impossible for those things to bring down buildings specifically designed to withstand those temperatures and events. A passport and bandanna belonging to a terrorist survives the crash, but titanium black boxes and 9ft x 12ft titanium engines do not. The ground in PA swallows a plane whole and leaves little debris. Then that dying Arab guy is found 11 years later, we kill him, and dump his body in the ocean without ever showing a picture. Later, we find out that the Pentagon was missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars and the area that was hit by the attack just happened to house the accounting department and the investigators who were looking in to the missing funds. Thirty of whom are now dead. Then we find out that Mineta went on record saying that Cheney did nothing to stop the “plane” as it was approaching the Pentagon – Cheney who made over a third of a billion dollars off of the wars that would follow. None of that testimony was in the 9/11 commission report and neither was any information about WTC 7. They completely left out a whole entire building as well as the fact that a Bush family security company was refurbishing all the elevator shafts for the WTC 1 and WTC 2. The official story is the craziest conspiracy theory I have ever heard and if you believe it, you are a fool. A totally brainwashed and ignorant fool.
numberwang says2014-07-12T12:46:26.4845806-05:00
1814username- lolol
quitbitchin says2014-07-12T13:06:37.1034742-05:00
1814Username= you funny. Maybe you should go talking about YOUR conspiracy theories in public, not on DDO! See if you can make a club called 9/11 IS FAKE!!!!! Lol
1814Username says2014-07-12T13:42:15.5295499-05:00
Nothing I wrote is fake. You obviously have not researched 9/11 at all. Everything I said is a fact.
Preston says2014-07-14T10:39:28.4668956-05:00
It isn't all fact : The official story is the craziest conspiracy theory I have ever heard and if you believe it, you are a fool. A totally brainwashed and ignorant fool. Is not a fact, and neither is : The terrorists flew so perfectly at the Pentagon that they were able to fly 10 feet off the ground while going 500 mph, which is actually impossible because of aerodynamics. Source? And landing a plane requires you to fly 10 ft off the ground for just as long as it would take to crash a plane into a building.
1814Username says2014-07-14T16:25:46.4290880-05:00
Do more research Preston. You cannot fly a 757 10 feet off the ground at 500 knots.
quitbitchin says2014-07-14T23:55:34.7626345-05:00
Why would the U.S. do this to their people? Its stupid. What is the claim? Maybe you are just a person that hates America and is targeting the 9/11 conspiracy theory to convince people. Tons of people like you these days.
1814Username says2014-07-15T05:13:24.4130778-05:00
Why? For profit and money and natural resources. That is why. Why do you think America is above that? We are the only country in the world to drop an atomic bomb --- twice. We aren't above anything. We experimented on people without their consent. We are not above anything at all. Also stop being so naive. Cheney made 1/3 of a billion dollars off the wars that followed 9/11. Just because you wouldn't attack your own people that does not mean other wouldn't.
Preston says2014-07-15T07:01:21.6375593-05:00
Let me tell you now, you can fly a plane that low, that's why it crashed! You really don't get it, people wont argue with you because when you argue with an idiot you look like an idiot.
1814Username says2014-07-16T11:00:12.4570837-05:00
Try flying a a 127,000 plane going 500 knots (which by the way is 150 knots over its design limit) without crashing before you hit a target and created a 15 foot hole, which oddly is not even big enough to fit the plane. The official story is a joke. Freaking go listen to the PILOTS who flew those type of planes. I gave you links. Watch them. When you have military test pilots saying it is impossible, you know it is impossible. Those guys arent jokes. Furthermore, all you have is data about the flight and no actual pictures of it. Where did that data come from? How do you know it is valid? How come there is no video? How come there is not one photo? Go look at other 757 crashes ... They look nothing like the crash at the Pentagon. Last but not least, you do not see a plane in the video. You see the nose of something. Something looks very much like a missile in my book.
Haroush says2014-07-19T07:28:26.0906561-05:00
I think it is a misinfomant agent from Alex Jones..

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