How do you feel about the meeting of Trump and Putin?

Posted by: Debating_Horse

What are your feelings on the meeting between the two leaders?

Poll will close on 10/28/2036 at 12:00AM.
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Negative, Pessimistic, Displeased.

I don't like either, this is nothing new, no change will occur with Trump and Putin.
30 votes

Positive, Optimistic, Happy.

I am happy to see these two finally meet!
29 votes


9 votes

Kind of happy

Since he's meeting him, I can expect for good things to probably come in the future.
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Mister_Man says2018-07-17T22:31:16.4372177Z
I unfortunately haven't watched the whole thing yet, but I'm happy that Trump has repaired relations with Russia. Not sure why everyone is throwing a hissy fit that they aren't getting nuked. "Oh no, we're not going to war! How horrible!"
Leaning says2018-07-20T19:37:51.4951575Z
NDECD1441 says2018-07-24T04:40:34.7056521Z
@Mister_Man, the reason why we are going crazy about it is the aftermath, the backstory and the potential consequences. When Trump said Russia didn't interfere with the 2016 elections, even with substantial evidence, it showed that he chose Russia over his own American people, despite being the president. When he backpedaled the next day, Russia and America lost it because it portrayed Trump as a two-faced, cowardly, conflicted dirtbag. Even his own supporters went against him and even Russia is slightly angry with the US. This has only heightened tensions between both countries, so it kind of disregards the whole "Not going to war" point. You'll get the whole conflict only when you actually know the WHOLE picture and the factors surrounding.
MitchV says2018-07-24T05:49:00.6046985Z
Tho he could have worded it better, I can see why Trump said the things he did. Tho Muller may be right, that Russia did try to get involved with our election, Muller is also in charge of an investigation that is trying to implicate the Trump campaign. If he validates one, he is also validating the other. What I think he should have focused on was that he is the head of the executive branch and not the judicial. He could also have pointed out that, according to our own policy, your innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and so far we have only heard from the prosecution so it may be too early to judge. He does have a point about us going there to prosecute. After all, another standard our justice system has is that your judged by a jury of your peers and that they would not be likely to get a fair trial here. Problem with that is your likely going to have the opposing bias so might be best to hold it at a neutral place with a more neutral judge and jury. After all, wouldn't that be the American way to do things or are we going to continue to do trials by media?
colemanplum says2018-07-24T06:06:02.1604521Z
Disappointed. I usually don't get angry with Trump, but he acted like a coward up there. There is substantial evidence of collusion.
MitchV says2018-07-24T07:44:03.5890985Z
@coleman, "There is substantial evidence of collusion." You say that as if you have actually seen it. Have you? If so, what is it? Where is it? So far, to the best of my knowledge, they have not shown any evidence at all, just claimed that it exists. There are also other sources that say there is no evidence of collusion. If anything, they have shown collusion with Russia and the Clinton campaign. After all, it was her and the DNC that paid for the dossier that was from Russian sources. Clearly her campaign did use Russian sources to aid her in her campaign. Sure, there is evidence that people who claimed to be from Russia tried to arrange something with the Trump campaign but no evidence that the campaign accepted any of the offers. Funny thing about the dossier is that more of it has been proven false than true. The vast majority of it has still not been verified. Steele also didn't talk to any actual witnesses just people who spread hear-say. If your trying to say that his statements about it at the summit are collusion, I say that this country was founded on the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. So far, we have only heard from the prosecution so isn't it too soon to proclaim guilt or are we going with the standard "Trial by Media" standard?
Mister_Man says2018-07-24T21:34:38.7436438Z
The funny thing I find is that over the past 30+ years the American people were getting more and more distrusting of their own government. It got to the point where practically everybody I talked to had a "fuck the government" attitude and had no trust in it. Now that Trump says he doesn't trust them, those very same people are backpedaling and saying "how can you not trust your own government?!?!" Trump doesn't trust the government, and rightfully so. However I'm in no way saying that him trusting Russia over the US (if that's the case) is a good thing, that obviously isn't what we want as a country - to have the president trust another country over his own. And after watching Trump backpedal the way he did, I am incredibly disappointed in him with that. He needs to stick to his story, even if it's "wrong," as that's what garnered him so much support during the election, and it shows that he has a backbone and won't cave to pressure. Unless of course he genuinely misspoke, but I doubt that. $20 says he'll still serve a full two terms though, lol
asta says2018-07-25T00:23:05.6716438Z
How would money be collected for your bet?
CapitataMalleus says2018-07-25T00:32:28.5352438Z
So much hyperventilating over this non-issue needs to cease; let's work together on solving our nation's many pressing problems as Americans have done for over centuries now. I digress...
NDECD1441 says2018-07-25T05:49:37.5734222Z
@CapitataMalleus This is an issue, it reflects the cowardice of America's president and how flimsy it's government's stance is. We express our anger to show change is needed.
MitchV says2018-07-25T15:41:51.6071769Z
@NDECD1441, Wasn't it Obama that told Trump that basically said that no serious person would think that our elections could be tampered with? Oh wait. That was when Obama thought Hillary would win so of course he's not about to suggest that any meddling was being done. What did Obama, knowing the possible threat, do? Nothing but deny it could even happen. Was his lack of action cowardice? Since his election, Trump has done more against Russia than any of the past presidents till Reagan. Unlike many past presidents who created an illusion of peace through giving our enemies everything they want (weakness). Trump has pushed for peace through strength. Putting our ships off their shores and our military on their doorstep instead of handing them pallets of cash hoping that it keeps them happy. You want to know another stance our government takes? Innocent until proven guilty. So far, we have only heard from the prosecution. So far, the only trial that has taken place is the "trial by media".
asta says2018-07-26T22:42:46.6138663Z
Russia's deadly element: Putonium.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2018-07-26T22:54:58.7051215Z
Why does the media care so much that Trump visits Putin, Oh yeah, Because of Fake News.
NDECD1441 says2018-07-28T04:42:20.9482497Z
@Mitch I'm not here to debate on the comparison between presidents. That is simply beating around the bush. However, With the event as a whole, Counted by itself, I believe it is pretty clear that the acts Trump did in the summit were not against Putin. The "double negative" only shows that our CURRENT president was a cowardly, Two faced liar in that event. I don't care what Obama done, I agree with you on his side, But this discourse takes place specifically within the summit. I focus on the specific problem an don't support "whataboutism" so you can't use our previous presidents as an 'argument'. Its petty and insubstantial.
NDECD1441 says2018-07-28T04:48:27.3689212Z
The fact that the POTUS supports Russia over his own intelligence agencies wavers the point that Trump is against Russia. He only went against them because of the pressure his own advisors and public put on him, Not because he wants to. I would say quite the contrary, The president is indeed friendly with Russia, But he easily bends his back for the public due to cowardice.
JamesThefoxhugger says2019-11-01T16:31:02.7732200Z
Your calling trump a a Russian agent that is the dumbest and most stupid thing i ever heard someone say online he has ties with Russians why? Cause hes the president DUMBASSES!
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2019-12-16T00:00:55.4723649Z
I love it! I hope they enslave all you children, And you all cry bitter tears each day, As you recall how many of your lippy friends were gunned down Just Like That, Before the rest of you weaklings surrendered.

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