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Heat Death/Big Freeze

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Big Rip

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Big Crunch and Big Bounce

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Commondebator says2016-08-08T04:19:52.1709856Z
Big crunch and Big bounce seems most optimal. And sexual.
PetersSmith says2016-08-08T04:40:20.0098214Z
lightseeker says2016-08-08T07:06:20.3410621Z
Why do you care how the universe is gonna end. Care about how you're gonna end. We'll all either end as humans, or as other things.
Forthelulz says2016-08-08T15:19:54.9141647Z
Someone is going to cast Fatal.
Heterodox says2016-08-08T16:28:27.3248480Z
Why do you think it will end at all? What would you consider and ending? I notice you have an entropy option, but is that an end? If you believe time is something other than a measurement, that it is something to be measured, then why would you consider that to be an end?
maslow says2016-08-08T20:37:03.0921962Z
It won't.

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