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Peacefully drift off while in a slumber
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Go down fighting, death is going to have to shove his scythe up your a** to kill you, cause you're fending off death either from other people, animals, or environmental factors with all of your possible will power. Some memorable last words here too.
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You want your death to be the talk of the town because you have exploded in a cloud of red mist, or you were shot 100 times with a machine gun, or stabbed until you were a bloody slab of meat on a sidewalk, or you were sucked into a jet engine. Go o... ut with a bang if you get what I'm sayin   more
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Surrounded by loved ones, "I love you so much", memorable final words and all that jazz
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Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:51:51.1453689-05:00
At home - "Surrounded by loved ones, "I love you so much", memorable final words and all that jazz".
Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:52:29.3857046-05:00
And if and when I decide the time is right.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-24T20:20:20.3049710-05:00
I'm kinda split personally between "Uber-violently" and "Fighting" but I went with Uber Violence. I just don't want to go "peacefully" I don't wanna be a small obituary in the news, I wanna be headline material. Not for shooting up a school or anything like that but ya know "Man survives six shotgun shells to be mauled by a bear, tossed off a plane into a shark's mouth, then the shark was thrown into a wood chipper"
heyfur_1213 says2015-06-26T00:47:22.7127715-05:00
Uhhh why would anyone want to die "uber-violently"?... Well idk, just as long as I was in the presence of the person I loved or people I loved.
SB1359 says2015-06-26T16:43:54.2237604-05:00
I chose sleep, even though i want to have last words... Any ideas?
Black-Jesus says2015-06-26T18:03:25.1938605-05:00
@SB1359, try training yourself to repeat what you want your last words to be in your sleep

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