How does a single person meet a potential partner for life?

Posted by: goodGURL

Is meeting someone physically (not online) for the first time a dead concept of meeting a "friend"?

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Through friends in school, at work, etc.

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Events like concerts, parties, etc.

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Social media like match.Com, etc.

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Emilrose says2015-06-23T17:33:28.6600265-05:00
LOL, you don't meet anyone for life.
Mister_Man says2015-06-23T17:37:29.0606495-05:00
Emilrose has a point that I didn't think of... Yeah you won't know if you'll be with them forever until you both die together. Don't date someone with hopes of being together forever, or don't be looking for a "life partner." Look for someone who you can date and get to know and have a fun relationship together and if it goes further then there you go!
rphk123 says2015-06-24T15:28:22.1132950-05:00
You'll find your soul mate if you stop looking. If you say "OMG is this the one!" every time you meet someone of the opposite gender who you like, you will probably get divorced 5-7 times in your life. Just live your life not thinking about it all the time, and you will be more likely to stumble across the perfect person. Dating services can work as if it didn't I would have never been born, but I don't think you are any more likely to find a soulmate on a dating site than you are in any other place.
goodGURL says2015-06-28T16:40:53.2971043-05:00
@Emilrose, funny you caught that...:-) I agree - I guess only if you are "lucky" - a lifelong partner is a gift!
goodGURL says2015-06-28T16:49:07.2400745-05:00
@Mister_Man - I agree and you guys are both right. The reason for my poll is to know if people are still meeting through the "traditional" way of meeting people. I am an "old school" and just curious about the current dating scene, so to speak. I guess I was trying to find out if meeting by chance is "dead". Since all of our high tech gadgets can connect us to people, do we do "facetime" or other "screen-type" of meetings?...Instead of the above?...This is the reason for my poll.
Mister_Man says2015-06-29T21:18:01.6420961-05:00
Ahhh well good question then. I've met girls at bars or gyms or other places, it's still pretty easy to befriend someone and build relationships from it. Although a lot of women seem to be slightly more conservative (maybe due to feminism saying all men are rapists), it's still pretty normal for a guy and girl to meet at a bar or something. However dating apps are a huge thing.
goodGURL says2015-07-05T17:02:00.2177750-05:00
@Mister_Man - thank you for your candid answer. It has been noted. Glad to hear your perspective. Happy dating!

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