How is sexuality defined?

Posted by: sque132

I've been having a brief but interesting debate on what sexuality is. Which had lead me to ask this. Is sexuality your sexual orientation, who you are attracted to? Or is it defined by who your sexual relations are with?

  • It is defined by your sexual orientation. What gender(s) or lack of you are attracted to sexualy and romanticaly.

  • It is defined ultimately by your actions and gender your sexual/romantic relations are with.

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sque132 says2015-03-30T08:25:38.4742552-05:00
If you could explain your opinion that would be fantastic :) thank you
MrFox says2015-03-30T09:51:07.5798934-05:00
Can't really be defined. We like to put stuff into boxes, but reality is always more complicated.
MrFox says2015-03-30T09:51:45.2855998-05:00
You formulated the question well enough, how can I delete my previous comment?
sque132 says2015-03-30T09:55:37.1610270-05:00
Thanks for the interest. These seem to be ultimately what the distinguishing factors are between peoples thoughts on what defines sexuality. Not sure how to delete other's comments i'm afraid, i think it's only possible your end.
briantheliberal says2015-03-30T10:48:46.5177440-05:00
Your sexual orientation is determined by the sex or gender of the people you are often attracted to, not by who you choose to be in a sexual/romantic relationship with.
sque132 says2015-03-30T11:08:16.9110156-05:00
@Brian my thoughts exactly, however some people believe sexuality isn't determined by your sexual orientation
Mister_Man says2015-03-30T13:28:39.5435482-05:00
If you kill someone, but you don't identify as a murderer..... Are you a murderer? Lol
Sophia13 says2015-03-30T13:52:08.8294802-05:00
Mister_Man, that's a really bad example.
briantheliberal says2015-03-30T16:38:57.2129621-05:00
Mister_Man, if you kill someone, you are a murderer by definition. Comparing that to sexual orientation is not very logical.
Sophia13 says2015-03-30T21:16:28.3480173-05:00
My thought exactly, Brian.
Sophia13 says2015-03-30T21:16:37.2880466-05:00
jaksunmadness says2015-05-01T00:55:40.5590333-05:00
Sexuality is based on what give you the kinks. Homosexuality is a fetish that lots of people these days are participating.

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