How long do you think humans have to live?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

I give us about 1000 years 2000 if were lucky not more then 5000

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As we know it? Who knows?

But we will be around.
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5000 or more

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How do you define life? An advanced 'species' might not be biological.

So yeah, i'm not even going to give it 500 years. - reece.
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sadolite says2015-12-02T22:21:59.2582872Z
A 1000 years? We will be lucky to make it another 200 at the rate humanity is degenerating.
reece says2015-12-02T22:27:36.1624458Z
@sadolite You're just looking at it from an American prospective.
triangle.128k says2015-12-03T00:02:57.7845685Z
@reece hurr durr, merika is worse countri on erth, dey dont have larjist economy, dey not 5th moast develupd cuntry eethur, the UN liez, usa is wors contri evar!!!1!!11one1!!111!!!1!
reece says2015-12-03T00:27:38.5556709Z
@triangle.128k I'm just saying the world doesn't revolve around America. Countries like New Zealand don't have fear mongering in the state media. Fear only leads to dangerously-unpredictable-animals - with a lot of firearms. Profit...
triangle.128k says2015-12-03T00:45:12.9087176Z
@reece There's not that much fear mongering in the media here. The only people who think the world revolves around America are very dumb people that tend to be really conservative.
58539672 says2015-12-03T00:52:05.6976715Z
Average global life expectancy is 70 years. That is about how long a human has to live.
triangle.128k says2015-12-03T01:01:32.1456404Z
@58539672 If you don't eat like a pig and stay relatively healthy, a person who's young at the moment could live to their 90s easily.
reece says2015-12-03T01:11:43.7553198Z
@triangle.128k Hence sadolite.
reece says2015-12-03T01:16:40.6682165Z
@58539672 life as we know it includes reproduction.
dietorangesoda says2015-12-03T03:26:38.9098122Z
I hate how optimistic you all sounds
58539672 says2015-12-03T05:06:02.4676938Z
@dietorangesoda The vast majority so far said, "i don't know". How is that optimistic?
dietorangesoda says2015-12-03T05:24:05.8479432Z
Because they still think we will and i don't :(
Forthelulz says2015-12-03T07:59:38.0565465Z
What I was trying to say was "Who knows how long humanity AS WE KNOW IT has to live?" with the implication that humanity will evolve. We get at least another 38,000 for sure.
reece says2015-12-03T09:24:05.1649840Z
@Forthelulz Think of humanities understanding/experimentation of the universe as a volume of a sphere. While the circumference is the frontier. The more knowledge we occupy, the more implications we incorporate, and thus the faster the circumference grows. But it can be dangerous. The faster humanity progresses, the more havoc is created. The havoc is usually the doing of religious nuts and the power of status quo. Humanity needs to keep its cool during the transition from a level zero civilization, to a level one.

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