How old should children be before they learn about...

Posted by: BblackkBbirdd


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Between 0 and 5 years old

10 votes

Between 6 and 10 years old

5 votes
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16 to 18 years old

3 votes
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Depends on the child

2 votes
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1 vote

Between 11 and 13 years old

0 votes

Between 14 and 15 years old

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BblackkBbirdd says2014-07-04T19:14:47.0015144-05:00
This topic got moderated sooooo many times.
briantheliberal says2014-07-04T19:34:13.8054375-05:00
I don't see why heterosexuals treat homosexuality as if it is some foreign entity, it's just apart of life. Some children even have homosexual parents, yet they aren't psychologically ruined by the idea that their parents exists. Why is it so difficult to explain to your children that some people like the same sex?
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-04T21:50:19.3890840-05:00
It's a topic no one wants to talk about with their kids like normal sex. It's just awkward.
briantheliberal says2014-07-04T22:42:49.6588533-05:00
It's awkward for people who obviously aren't mature enough to raise children.
BblackkBbirdd says2014-07-05T04:18:45.6115192-05:00
I found out about lesbians by watching Friends when I was little (around 5), but I knew that men could be homosexual before that because I remarked something along the line of "I didn't know women could be gay too!!!" It wasn't awkward to find out about, also my parents never really told me about it just like they didn't tell me about heterosexuality. I worked it out by myself from the TV. Maybe if let more LGBT couples on kids shows which they watch from an early age it would spare you an 'awkward conversion' with your child about human sexuality.
Preston says2014-07-07T13:39:58.3348017-05:00
Briantheliberal, the critic of the year. Of course he has no kids so...
BblackkBbirdd says2014-07-07T14:03:02.0390330-05:00
Bettabreeder, what do you mean by other?

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