How should other men react to Trump's comments about women?

Posted by: caroline262000

Male politicians in the media have been reacting in different ways to the "pussygate" scandal. Notably, many have been enraged on behalf of the women in their lives. Is this enough? Or should Trump's statements anger you on a basal level?

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They should be enraged on principle

"I am angry on behalf of all human beings"
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They should agree with him

"men should support each other, and it was just locker-room banter anyways"
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They shouldn't care

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They should be enraged on behalf of the women in their lives (mothers, daughters, etc)

"I wouldn't want anyone saying this about/around my daughter"
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Genius_Intellect says2016-10-24T07:07:35.1143171Z
Option 4: They shouldn't give a_fuck.
Anonymous says2016-10-24T19:33:49.8291634Z
He was only saying it, not doing it. He didn't mean it! At least we all know Democrats will always forgive a rapist like Bill Clinton.
Politics2016 says2016-10-24T20:00:32.2704172Z
Thanks @sciguy. It's hilarious how people flip out over something Trump said, compared to what Slick Willie actually DID.
Shanncl716 says2016-10-24T21:51:33.8436606Z
Oh please, I am sure worse things have been said. Am I condoning it? Hell no, but it isn't the end of the world. I am sure I have said things about guys that would make others blush too.

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