How to survive an undead apocalypse

Posted by: Black-Jesus

The following is a poll on how you would plan to handle a situation in witch zombies are flooding the streets. For the sake of fun and the audience, the zombie's are your classical slow, lumbering monsters that have to flood you with numbers to kill you.

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Group up

"I'm going with these guys." These are the people who immediately try to survive with numbers; their philosophy is safety and comfort in numbers.
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Good riddance

"Screw you people, I'd rather die alone." Those who tread uncertain path and venture out alone. They take solace in solitude, look out for numero uno and avoid large groups to survive.
5 votes

Die Zombie Die! AHAHAHA!

"Well, I'm going outside to kill as many as I can, because I'm a lunatic." These guys will probably die second, mostly because the people that say this is how they would survive have never shot a real gun or killed anything anyway. These people will...  probably due to overconfidence, but at least they can say they had fun   more
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Stay at home

"You can go outside and get eaten, I'm staying right here." These people tend to die first; you know, the guy terrified to leave his house because he lives in a neighborhood and he doesn't want go outside and have to kill the lady who used to work b... ehind the counter at Walmart that he spoke to once   more
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"Let's go find a cure for this thing! Yeah, because I know more science than all of the highly-paid government officials that I'm sure the CDC already assigned to this disease many months ago all of the sudden!" No, those people only make it in the ... movies. Sure, it's okay to be this way if you have legitimate plans and procedures and a lab, or you're the last CDC biologist working on the cure, or you are the only person immune, but otherwise you're just some idiot that people won't be sad not to see in the sequel   more
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Wimp out

"I can't do it." The only reason they lasted longer than the people who stayed home is because they had the good sense to find a good, thick group of people and hide in the middle. The guys that can't bring themselves to kill the undead either becau... se they look like humans or they look like humans they knew once or they are physically unable to kill something because they suck. Don't feel bad for them, it's natural selection; they're bringing down or gene pool   more
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Wait for the military

"Isn't the military doing something? Should we just wait for the army or something?" Similar to the people who like to stay home, these folks are the one's who rely on the no-longer-existent government to save them, they're gonna come though. ...  Right   more
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carriead20 says2015-02-01T07:59:32.7691156-06:00
1. Track Mikal and Lannan down and get them to be your bodyguards 2. Get Max the tyrant to help with his Ban Hammer 3. Make friends with Annie...Because you really shouldn't want her to not be on your side O.O 4. Get Endark to write a journal about the ensuing apocalypse and negotiate with the zombies 5. Use Uchiha as a human shield 6. Tell YYW that Bsh is now a zombie for the lulz (hopefully I can outrun him) 7. Make Ore_Ele get all of the bronies to join us 8. Feed RM to the zombies 9. Make Mikal and Lannan use ChosenWolff and Bubba as human weapons 10. When all hope is lost, blurt out every single secret you know about your remaining friends before jumping off a building
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-02-01T15:16:14.2055235-06:00
The military would slaughter slow zombies with ease..
Belak says2015-02-01T16:10:51.9309764-06:00
Unless of course they get outnumbered. Say if NY was entirely infected, a division of marines could fend off 12 million zombies. We could see this in the Korean war, even though the US slaughtered Chinese in the thousands, they still got over run.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-02-01T18:21:28.0767864-06:00
Yet there isn't only 1 division of marines. There is the aircraft, millions of soldiers, etc.
shaancl_716 says2015-02-01T22:22:53.5092030-06:00
Find a redneck.
Belak says2015-02-01T23:13:44.8012713-06:00
Man of the explosives that are fielded by aircraft and even artillery would not have the same effect on a walking corpse as they do living beings. There may be millions of soldiers, but their are billions of potential zombies, and zombies don't crack under pressure and sure as hell don't need supplies... Hell, they don't even need sleep.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-02-01T23:18:05.7531586-06:00
@Belak So? Napalm sure as hell would do the same to a corpse as to a living person, shrapnel still disables limbs and kills things. The army has tanks, APCs, armored transports, machine guns, razor wire, etc.
Belak says2015-02-01T23:49:54.5377288-06:00
The main reason Shrapnel kills is because it penetrate through vital organs, zombies only need the brain so unless it is a head shot, shrapnel is useless. Tanks would be far less useful against the dead than it is against the living, when an artillery shell lands next to someone, the shock wave causes the blood and the internal organs inside of the body to expand and then to explode... But this requires circulating blood. Zombies do not have circulating blood, so the only way to kill them with the shell is a direct hit, which seriously reduces the amount killed in each shot. The only weapon of use on a tank would be the machine gun, and then only minimally as you require a head shot to kill the zombie. Machine guns are not exactly known for their accuracy. So what if you lop off a zombies limbs or what ever, it will still keep coming at you. As for APC's and for armored transport, you do know that there is only one door to the back, and if it gets surrounded and the door opens up... Ever heard of a steel coffin? Its what soldiers call it when your transport opens up and death rolls in. As for barbed wire, the zombies don't feel pain, so what if you tear their flesh, they will keep coming. The only way that we could fight them would be a square of line infantry armed with accurate rifle. I suggest you read World War Z. It goes into great detail about this.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-02-02T07:41:55.4557854-06:00
How do zombies open up the hatch on a tank or APC? Shrapnel still tears apart muscle tissue, rendering some immobile. Napalm is a sticky substance. Razor wire is a deterrent, it is meant to slow the enemy ( In this case, the zombies ). Artillery still throw shrapnel and the shock wave can still cripple limbs. Modern assault rifles are quite accurate. The machine guns on a tank fire heavy machine gun rounds, that would shred apart the body of a zombie, and go straight through them. Hollow point rounds would also be quite useful. Why does a zombie magically not need calories, water, blood, air, etc is up to anyone but if they do need such all one has to do is "Lock down" a city or such till the zombies starve off, clear it with explosives, or to clear it with rifles.
BblackkBbirdd says2015-02-02T13:53:31.2637080-06:00
We should make this a game of forums, where you can be a zombie and kill people
Forthelulz says2015-02-03T11:53:54.5203459-06:00
Are we talking Romero zombies, Left 4 Dead zombies, or what?
Forthelulz says2015-02-03T11:54:45.5937637-06:00
Are we talking Romero zombies, Left 4 Dead zombies, or what?

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