How were so many historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks able to make the world a better place?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

So many historical figures have helped to make the world a better place but how exactly did they make the world a better place? That's my question. You can add answers but I DO NOT want to see any spammy or irrelevant answers! Only answers that have to do with the question that I'm asking in this poll!

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By helping us learn from the ignorant past self's, and understand this is a changing world. A world that should be built on freedom. Also I believe they would have been anti-BLM if they realized what it truly was.

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By giving out very important and well-written speeches that spread their positive ideologies to a wide audience of people willing to listen.

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By using their careers as a platform to make people aware of social, political, and/or economic issues and to help contribute to solving those issues.

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By constantly speaking up about their ideologies, even when they got laughed at.

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