Human Characters or Robot Characters

Posted by: dylangraphic23

Who do you prefer?

  • Human Characters

  • Robot Characters

50% 5 votes
50% 5 votes
  • idk the context but imma assume were picking sides of a war im soft and fleshy so i pick soft and fleshy

  • I prefer Robots from Another Planet over Humans from Earth

  • Assuming this all for fiction and not about the robot uprising, Whilst i find human characters more interesting due to emotions and such, Unpredictability. Stories in which automatons gain human sentience have always fascinated me, Ultimately above all else i most prefer monster characters, Demons and monsters such as the ones seen in the game undertale however i suppose a robot can be classified as a monster dependent on the chosen terminology. Personally i classify a monster as Any Living Non Human, And i classify living as sentient or biologically functional. Of course there are flaws in this, For example a zombie isn't sentient or biologically functional so according to my terms it is not living which also means it is not a monster, But I digress.

    Posted by: Serif
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Expert5532 says2019-07-04T19:58:19.5242802Z
Assuming that this is fiction, I would choose human characters over robot characters because humans give more emotion and makes the story more relatable. Robot characters sometimes give emotion to but that doesn't happen much.

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