Human vs Animal war, Who wins?

Posted by: emporer1

Important notes: Domesticated, Tamed, and Human raised animals remain loyal to Humanity. Arthropods (insects and arachnids) do not get involved. Humanity maintains access to its biological weapons stockpile, however microorganisms themselves do not choose sides. Animals gain the ability to form some sort of multi-species organizational structure but otherwise remain at the same level of intelligence. Win conditions: humanity- reduces all rebelling animal species to extinction or near extinction. Animals- hu

  • Humanity

  • Animals

65% 15 votes
35% 8 votes
  • It's a different story if arthropods got involved.

    Posted by: reece
  • Man were created in God's image

  • We can wipe out a charging horde of 400 bears with a single missile. Elephants can flip cars but I don't see that happening anytime soon with a tank.

  • I say humans is the obvious answer, because we have weapons that of course, animals can't use. Although it does depend on your location, because if you're in a small village around somewhere like Haiti and have to face a wild boar.. you're most likely going to be screwed

  • Animals don't have nukes.

  • Kinda already won: that's why we're at the top of the food chain. Of course, though, there is no real winning in this situation for humans since exterminating most other life forms would obviously have an apocalyptic effect on the environment, an environment that we still depend on. On the other hand, if the animals win, then the animals win since humans aren't too important to the ecosystem.

  • Animals don't have the intelligence that humans have for strategizing or problem solving plus there is a huge technological advantage for humans

  • Simply watch Sharknado, Arachnoquake, The Birds, Jaws, Anaconda, Lake Placid, and Dam Sharks. Now imagine all of these at once plus more. Humanity is doomed.

  • Bombs can not stop the force of the Animal Kingdom. Long Live King Louie

  • Logically humans are animals thus humans are against themselves thus they throw themselves off cliffs or in any other way die! HaHaHAHHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahaAaaaaaaA

  • i only vote for reptiles!

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emporer1 says2016-11-06T04:19:40.3402725Z
Win condition for animals- humans become extinct. It cut that out of the description
reece says2016-11-06T06:49:07.4579803Z
@Jonathananzante So was every other animal.
sameersajjad says2016-11-06T08:08:34.5989387Z
People say manwere created in Gods's image. Well, so were animals and most work in packs helping each other but humans are divided because of war. Those who work together will always overcome those who are divided.Some say animals are dumb but smoetimes that is how animals also are. And las but not least sometimes animals are more loyal and trustworthy than people are for example dogs.
sameersajjad says2016-11-06T08:09:48.3163846Z
Vote for animals
fishhunter61 says2016-11-25T19:09:18.0418965Z
Just look at the Great Emu War. We would lose. Here's a Visual. Visual:

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