I don't need sex. The government screws me every day.

Posted by: Dr_Obvious

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  • i do agree.. the government is full of stuffed in the head people who have completely no idea what they are even trying to do. also in Australia (not sure if its everywhere) to be elected Prime Minister you are only allowed to be a citizen in one country, whereas Tony Abbot (Ausrtralian Prime Minister) has two; one for Australia, and the other for Britain i believve

  • I still need sex. Getting raped by the government every day isn't specialnor pleasing. There are so many things a girl can do that the government. Despite their best efforts, ccan't

    Posted by: Astal3
  • LOL, I still need it though.

  • Typical Anarchists bullsh*t!

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PetersSmith says2014-08-11T19:26:06.4610129-05:00
Really? You get sexual pleasure from the government "screwing" you?
Dr_Obvious says2014-08-11T19:36:18.0660582-05:00
It only hurts the first time.
PetersSmith says2014-08-11T19:54:08.7893855-05:00
Dr_Obvious: You are one strange little man.
Dr_Obvious says2014-08-11T20:44:42.8685113-05:00
Thank you.

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