I have a problem with these mods

Posted by: stargate

A while ago one one of my debates a vote was removed due to her reason. Her reason for giving the sources to me was due to the other guy using Wikipedia as a source more then me. So she gave it to me for using more official sources. So this mod I will not use names takes away her vote saying that reason was not fair and that reason is not a valid reason.

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The mod was right her vote should stay down.

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Her vote should be put back up.

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TBR says2015-11-28T19:30:15.7402761Z
I have stopped voting on debates. The mod has gone overboard the other way at this point. People are writing 5,000 word RFDs. Just too much at this point.
stargate says2015-11-28T19:34:18.5918333Z
whiteflame says2015-11-28T19:35:31.0864274Z
You want to make this public? Fine. Let's make it public. And, by the way, leaving out my name doesn't give me anonymity. I'm the head voting moderator. There's only one person who could have talked to you, and that's me.
stargate says2015-11-28T19:38:26.6990045Z
Okay, fine
whiteflame says2015-11-28T19:40:27.4297262Z
TBR, I've said this many times to many people, and I'll say it again to you: there is no requirement to produce long RFDs. There have been and will continue to be many sufficient RFDs that are produced within the 2000 character limits, even on complex debates. The idea that you have to produce an overlong RFD in order to avoid removal is misinformed.
stargate says2015-11-28T19:42:31.2649076Z
Though must here probably wouldn't have know that fact.Sure some might have dug, but Do not think they would. I respect you, you did it becuase you thought it was the right thing and ou had the power to change it so you did. I have every right to question that and check how the public feels. If you feel hurt then I am sorry, I never meant it out of harm. I did these poll to really see if my actions where uncalled for sense I wanted to hear what they though.
stargate says2015-11-28T19:44:12.4484534Z
I hope you understand that I never meant to offend you. I did it with the best intentions behind my actions.
stargate says2015-11-28T19:44:55.3180778Z
I hope you understand.
stargate says2015-11-28T19:47:04.7886078Z
Also for your infomation, I made the poll before talking to you.
whiteflame says2015-11-28T19:47:56.9679710Z
They'd have to dig? My part as head voting moderator on the site is extremely public. The only people who don't know are either too new to the site to have interacted with me, or never vote. And no, I'm not hurt by it, just frustrated by the fact that you acknowledged you were fine with it in our messages and then decided to broadcast your own frustration publicly after you'd apparently accepted what I'd said. If this had been a poll where you'd just wanted to find out how others viewed the vote, that would be different. But you literally called out the mods in the title of this poll. That's a different story.
BlackFlags says2015-11-28T20:03:24.1562012Z
Judgements have no place being moderated
whiteflame says2015-11-28T20:06:39.2582791Z
If you made it before we talked, that makes more sense. It's just not the best way to go when you're trying to personally discuss something and, at the same time, posting a poll to air your grievances publicly.
stargate says2015-11-28T20:07:32.2009712Z
Aging I made this poll before I said that. Check the dates if you can. I did not lie to you.
stargate says2015-11-28T20:10:20.5438085Z
Yeah I still. Sorta of do sense I disagree with those polices, but I understand you actions. So that is why I said fine, plus I felt it was pointless to keep on arguing, was I wrong to do this maybe, maybe not we have yet to see. I understand if right now you have negative view of me and do not understand my action. By Ihope that you understand why I did what I did.
PetersSmith says2015-11-28T20:15:47.5791642Z
You should talk to the mod himself and not make a poll complaining about it.
stargate says2015-11-28T20:16:32.1273542Z
Also if I am questioning it, then dosn't that inside it self make it a problem? Right now you must think I made this after talking to you. That isn't true, one of the first things I did was make this poll. Here is what I did in order, talk about on the debate send you a message, send the voter in question a message, make this poll, we talk on the debate, poll starts getting votes and comments, we talk in messages, me and the voter talk. You come on this poll.
stargate says2015-11-28T21:13:36.8877249Z
I did, if you where reading what we where posting then you would have known that fact.
tajshar2k says2015-11-28T21:16:53.6901983Z
No offense Stargate, but I have to back Whiteflame on this. It's actually so dumb, people look points for using wikipedia. There should be a rule, that if you are going to say Wikipedia is a realible source, you need to actually prove what your opponent said is false.
stargate says2015-11-28T21:29:34.5168293Z
BlackFlags says2015-11-29T00:40:04.5723572Z
Seriously though, judgements have no place being moderated
whiteflame says2015-11-29T01:25:39.5792938Z
I disagree, Jif, but as I've resigned myself to avoiding direct discussion with you, I'll leave it to others to engage with you on it.
stargate says2015-11-29T01:51:22.0727872Z
If that means me then so be it.
whiteflame says2015-11-29T02:56:13.8980582Z
BlackFlags = Jif, so no, it doesn't mean you, stargate. I'm not that vindictive.
stargate says2015-11-29T03:15:25.9773835Z

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