I need your help with my oldest son

Posted by: Skank_Hunt

My son enjoys eating babies and i don't like it he has a very large range of appetite but lately he has been devouring the young of our neighborhood (Ages from 1Mo-5Yrs) I greatly dislike this habit it seems to be ruining his mind making him erratic and even scary at sometimes. There are search parties for these children i'm scared the authorities will eventually find a trail to his window or something, Or a the local people will find out what hes doing. As i said before I am disgusted by this and i wan

  • Let him eat his meals

  • Risk it and possibly get your sons killed

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anc2006 says2019-11-08T22:28:45.1031949Z
Is this real
anc2006 says2019-11-08T22:30:50.2029454Z
Bruh you are 19. How old is your son?

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