If a criminal forgets his crime due something like amnesia should they be released?

Posted by: Regemdeus

If a murderer gets amnesia should he be released as inoccent atleast until he or if he remembers his crime because the purpose of punishment is to teach someone not to repeat their crime so if they dont know what they are bieng punished for are they bieng punished or just randomly ill treated

  • If they cant remember there crime imprisoning them isnt punishing them for there crime

  • They are still people who would commit the crime in certain situations and so should be punished

21% 4 votes
79% 15 votes
  • The point of putting someone in prison unless for life is to teach them not to repeat the crime, it doesn tmake sense if they dont remember doing the crime

  • Punishing someone who has committed a crime in the past and suffers amnesia or a similar mental illness essentially is sentencing an innocent person.

  • A crime is a crime. Murder is murder and theft is theft. Its not about teaching them a lesson, its about justice.

  • It makes no sense, no matter whether you think the law should be about retribution or rehabilitation. If you're concerned about 'getting even', of course they should still be punished if they're done wrong. If you're concerned about rehabilitating (which I am), you still need to teach him to be good lest he should repeat his mistake. Plus, this is open to so much abuse - the pretense of amnesia probably isn't too difficult and lie detector tests are notoriously inaccurate.

  • Murdering someone, getting amnesia, and not getting punished. How would the victim's family feel?

    Posted by: benhos
  • Anyone can fake amnesia and get out of jail if we were to go with the former idea.

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Regemdeus says2015-04-19T23:19:05.0957760-05:00
The point of putting someone in prison unless for life is to teach them not to repeat the crime, it doesn tmake sense if they dont remember doing the crime. Also this isnt about wether they have amnesia or not it is about should we release them if they do. Also while the victims family miht not feel good they dont get justice if they punish him for a crime they cant remember
Regemdeus says2015-04-19T23:22:00.9478571-05:00
The question isnt if he has amnesia or not it is should we release them if they do have amnesia, and prisons are known and rehabilitation centers for a reason, they cant be punished for something they dont remember doing cos thats the same as punishing someone who didnt do any crime. Its not punishing its just taking our anger out on them pointlessly.
Regemdeus says2015-04-20T20:22:18.5893078-05:00
THis isnt about how the victims family feels or wether they are lying or not. It is not really punishing a person if they cant remember their crime, and dont bring justice into to it as getting amnesia is already justice
Regemdeus says2015-04-20T20:23:34.1249920-05:00
Those above who said we wouldnt be able to tell if they have amnesia please change your vote as your arguement doesnt apply

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