If a seven year old murders his/her parents, should s/he be punished?

Posted by: Tumblrnatic

  • Yes

  • No

81% 17 votes
19% 4 votes
  • Justice must be uphold

  • If someone of the ripe young age of 7 commits such a horrible crime, he should FIRST be given a fair trial, in which his innocence is determined, then he should be placed in extreme conditions in either a mental facility, or in a juvenile detention center until of age for prison, or whatever is decided by the judge/jury.

  • No, but they should most definitely be put into a mental facility, because it's not too late for anyone, especially a 7 year old.

  • I agree with above. There obviously should be action they shouldnt just roam free and nothing happens. But heavily focus on rehab not on punishment.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Yall need to screw your heads on the right way. If a 7 year old murders his/her parents, that child would clearly be mentally unstable and punishment would do no good. They should be sent to a mental rehab facility to try to fix their clearly broken mind. Punishment of high severity will just lead to that kid being even more unstable.

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PetersSmith says2015-03-30T10:06:57.7547549-05:00
I'm sure he/she had good reason.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-03-30T10:08:08.6192266-05:00
If it was an good reason then it wouldn't be murder, it would be self defense.
mishapqueen says2015-03-30T10:48:11.5848958-05:00
Depends on whether there was intent, and if the child had thought it through.
briantheliberal says2015-03-30T10:51:10.3377969-05:00
A lot of people think younger children aren't aware of their actions. Every seven year old knows murder is wrong at that point in life.
Thegreatdebate98 says2015-03-30T11:41:21.4124894-05:00
Of course they are aware of what they did, but at that age they should be put into a mental facility for rehabilitation, because at that age psychopathy can be reversed.
benhos says2015-03-30T13:05:22.0978644-05:00
It depends on whether or not it was an accident, but if it was deliberate, yes.

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