If a xenomorphic (alien) race discovered earth, what would they do?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Whether you believe in aliens or not, what do you think would be most likely to happen if they discovered us instead of us discovering them? The aliens are not set and thus you can presume what they are yourselves, which may influence your vote.

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Enslave Us

These humans appear to be useful for only two things: war and enslavement. Thus, we will breed them to be our slaves and construct our glorious monuments throughout the various other solar systems we conquer. We will enslave them to fight in pointle... ss wars and we will experiment on them because that is just what we do   more
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Try to help us

The humans clearly need our technological, environmental, biological, and/or medical superiority. Perhaps with our help we can end all of the issues that they seem to be starting themselves. We should be able to end the wars, hunger, diseases, and o... ther things that seem to plague them. Since we are so nice, we will even get past the fact they tried to kill us on several occasions   more
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Create a planetary zoo

The zoo hypothesis is one of many theoretical explanations for the Fermi Paradox. The hypothesis speculates as to the assumed behavior and existence of technically advanced extraterrestrial life and the reasons they refrain from contacting Earth. On... e interpretation of the hypothesis argues that intelligent alien life ignores Earth to allow for natural evolution and sociocultural development. The hypothesis seeks to explain the apparent absence of extraterrestrial life despite its generally accepted plausibility and hence the reasonable expectation of its existence. Aliens might, for example, choose to allow contact once the human race has passed certain technological, political, or ethical standards. They might withhold contact until humans force contact upon them, possibly by sending a spacecraft to planets they inhabit. Alternatively, a reluctance to initiate contact could reflect a sensible desire to minimize risk. An alien society with advanced remote-sensing technologies may conclude that direct contact with neighbors confers added risks to oneself without an added benefit   more
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Leave us alone

These humans disgust us. We have watched them kill each other for resources or for their own personal gain. We have watched them starve to death while others can barely walk due to them being so overly obese. We watched as the rich scoff at the poor... . It would be best if we just left them alone   more
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Kill us then/or enslave us and take our resources

Apparently aliens aren't that different from us after all. They appear to have been traveling across galaxies in search of new planets and thus resources to take. They are suffering from overpopulation and other resource issues and thus need everyth... ing they can get. They can either use us to gather these resources or build monuments, or they will kill us since we tend to get in the way of things   more
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Kill us, take a sample, then move on

One more down, infinity more to go until our universal ecosystem is finally complete!
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Kill us then move on

The humans have destroyed the sanctity of the planet they are currently residing on. We should kill all of them to protect this planet and its beauty. It's not really worth it to do anything else.
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Destroy the Planet

The humans have devastated Terra so much that we don't even want to set foot on it. Time to try out our new planetary annihilator!
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Destroy the Solar System

The humans are so disgusting that their taint has spread throughout the entire Sol system, thus it must be destroyed. Time to try out our new black hole generator!
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Destroy the Milky Way Galaxy

It would appear that these "xenomorph" creatures are not aliens at all. In fact, it is only one "creature" and it seeks to destroy all that is life. Unfortunately, everything has some "life" value to it and this "Devourer" really can't tell the diff... erence between a germ and an elephant; to be frank, it really doesn't care either way. May Darwin save us all   more
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Consume Us

This alien species is a parasitoid and either use other animals as "hosts" for their offspring, or consume others to grow in strength. Regardless, it's bad news for us as with every other alien species these "things" have consumed. Game over man, ga... me over   more
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1Historygenius says2014-07-30T01:26:22.1520008-05:00
I think if they know of us by now, but would prefer not to contact. For some reasons I feel aliens tend to research other planets but be isolationist to those without advanced technology.
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-30T01:26:34.8506450-05:00
Why isn't die by Yama's hand an option?
PetersSmith says2014-07-30T01:26:59.5927208-05:00
1Historygenius: Yeah, I should probably mention that the "planetary zoo" option could actually already be in place.
PetersSmith says2014-07-30T01:30:25.7662856-05:00
YamaVonKarma: Yama is apparently the "god of death", thus since it is a "god" and not an alien it cannot be included. However, if you prefer the "death" option you could choose the just "kill us then move on" option, or "destroy the milky way galaxy" which presumes that this creature is certainly the embodiment of death and thus seeks to destroy all living things.
Owl099 says2014-07-30T01:34:49.7389619-05:00
I think that they would have an argument on what they should do. There would be different Aliens who wanted to different things and it could even end up civil war.
muricamurray says2014-07-30T02:05:07.2519134-05:00
Why didnt you just put alien instead of trying to sound smart?
Formerland1 says2014-07-30T09:35:43.6854851-05:00
If I were them I'd enslave us.
PetersSmith says2014-07-30T13:17:14.2518680-05:00
Muricamurray: Because xenomorph is a definitive term for "extraterrestrial creatures", while alien could mean illegal aliens or something that is "foreign".

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