If China has private ownership is it really a communist nation?

Posted by: discomfiting

  • China isn't a communist nation!

  • Of course China is a communist nation!

78% 18 votes
22% 5 votes
  • The key component of communism is no private ownership; it's contradictory. Communism IS a socioeconomic system...

  • Communist, no. Socialist, yes

  • The whole point of communism is to have absolute control of all the economic capital to go towards the administration and then redistribute to the rest of society. Private ownership of the economy is capitalism, plain and simple. If china's political administration is argued to be communist then so can many other middle eastern and African nations.

  • China is socialist, not communist. That is common knowledge. A socialist nation, by the way, need not have *no* private ownership as some seem to think. However, it does require that a most resources are owned by the state, as is the current state in China (although the private sector is undeniably growing).

  • embracing capitalism is an acknowledgement that 'communism' does not work.

    Posted by: ToryUK
  • it is a socialist state, not a communist one, as a communist state is paradoxical.

    Posted by: Shield
  • It employs a form of socialism that used to be communism.

  • Communism is a political system. It's not economics. China is a communist capitalist country.

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discomfiting says2014-07-22T22:18:46.6071582-05:00
Texan, tell me what you think communism is; like the concepts, not people or countries that you think were/are communist.
Preston says2014-07-23T07:14:33.8821832-05:00
Communism isn't a just a political system, its more of a societal system, it effects politics, individuals, economics, just about everything.
ChristopherLShannon says2014-07-28T03:42:28.5783109-05:00
Cha doesn't have private ownership they go by lease. The party/state owns everything and then licenses are permittd with an expiration. China is communist, no question about it. They are not capitalist.
Preston says2014-07-28T07:17:29.6626829-05:00
They have open markets now and allow farmers to freely sell, that's private ownership. On top of that, private US businesses are able to sell there, it capitalistic/
debate_power says2014-08-26T15:59:42.6301337-05:00
@ToryUK Being a communist and turning capitalist only implies that something prevented you from continuing to be a communist. Likewise with governments.

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