If Donald Trump becomes the President, will he build a wall?

Posted by: TheBilbo1

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Ye, we need to build a wall!

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TheBilbo1 says2016-09-07T19:20:35.1681460Z
Meant to put yes not ye
Anonymous says2016-09-07T20:39:50.9522316Z
Britain, build that wall!
TheBilbo1 says2016-09-07T20:48:42.5630015Z
Anonymous says2016-09-07T20:56:41.9914211Z
@The Bilbo1 - They're building the wall in France to keep ILLEGAL immigrants out.
kevin24018 says2016-09-07T20:58:15.1585098Z
Too late for France I think
Anonymous says2016-09-07T21:08:11.0979299Z
@kevin24018 - It's on the port of France.
Throwback says2016-09-07T21:26:40.7550402Z
The answer yes has a different meaning than the question asked.
ladiesman says2016-09-08T03:13:51.2561909Z
Saying he will is one thing, getting Congress to approve it is another.
TheBilbo1 says2016-09-08T05:27:40.2852873Z
@Sciguy I forgot, thanks for reminding me.
Anonymous says2016-09-08T22:51:14.9272856Z
You're welcome @TheBilbo1 .
i_am_god_420 says2016-09-10T05:55:52.5156254Z
He doesnt build a wall because the mexican will drill a hole under it
foxxhajti says2016-09-10T06:59:29.7040944Z
@i_am_god_420 I believe he had said something about the possibility that they might dig under it: [Trump]: “First off…that’s not going to happen, not during a Trump administration. Trump’s a builder that’s what I do. I build great things, my buildings are beautiful, some of the best, maybe the greatest buildings on earth, of all time. This wall…it’ll be huge, so enormous, and so fabulous I mean you’re not going to believe. I mean I’m going to make this country so strong, so great, so powerful, that Mexican government is gonna pay for the whole thing. Deals, I mean I wrote the book, The Art of the Deal…great book, huge sales.” [Generic interviewer]: “But Mr. Trump, I ask about the people digging underneath it.” [Trump]: “I know people, the best people, people in technology, the best moat people in the world, laser guys, really the smartest people in the world who know how to fix that problem, I’ll hire them. Have you been to my resort it Florida, its great…beautiful place…most beautiful, has a moat, the hugest, most perfect one in Florida, maybe even the world. And another thing, I’m going to destroy ISIS so fast, so powerfully, that our military is going to protect the border, snipers; Trump is big on the military, huge military guy. And I’ll tell you what, we are going to have drones, it’s going to work. Boom!"

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