If eco-friendly robots could replace us, should we limit the number of people that exsist?

Posted by: Kreakin

For the sake of the enviroment and peoples quality of life.

  • Yes. That would benefit Earth and it's populace.

  • No. The right to procreate freely is too important whatever the benefits of limiting it.

17% 2 votes
83% 10 votes
  • As the world is (as of now) we should limit population.

  • I don't know about robots. However if you are talking about some Matrix type of robots. Mind controlling humans for their own benefits. By all means. That is because f**k humanity. So much for the only intelligent life form known to existence and we fight over stupid things like who was the first in queue. So long live and perish humanity. If any I strongly support the idea put forth in Dan Brown's book Inferno. Epigenetic sterilisation through viral vectors. That way even idiots try to procreate only the ones with good genes will be able to conceive.

  • Humans and robots would advance the pursuit of knowledge qucker together.

  • Hell no. I'm not getting replaced but some stupid robot. Besides, limiting the number of up humans on the planet sounds like an awful lot of killing.

  • Humans and robots should work together in peace!

  • we are animals as well known as homosapiens and we deserver to live as well.

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Kreakin says2014-04-22T02:51:07.9242557-05:00
@Muttl200 - To clarify, I do mean a gradual change not genocide :/
Muttl200 says2014-04-23T12:13:20.6082930-05:00
Ahh like if humans were faced with a virus that killed a large majority of us. I know what you mean now.
kaister says2014-04-27T14:22:16.7699480-05:00
@Muttl200 I think more along the lines selective epigenetic sterilization as depicted by Dan Brown in his book Inferno.

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