If eternity exists for all conscious life in this universe, does evil matter?

Posted by: pozessed

10 lifetimes from now do you think you'd remember the worst endeavors encountered in this lifetime? How about 200,000 lifetimes after this one?

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No, evil does not matter. It would eventually be forgotten.

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Yes. I will remember every horrible thing that happened to me in this lifetime in 200,000 lifetimes from this one.

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MasturDbtor says2013-09-15T18:18:37.2550545-05:00
Define "matter".
pozessed says2013-09-15T18:42:05.8890536-05:00
"worth dwelling upon"
sailbeyondthesun says2013-10-12T02:07:50.2015335-05:00
"Eternity for all conscious life" is a very misleading term. It assumes that any and all universe outcomes that harbor systems capable of generating meta cognitive states are all equal in that they do. It is also implicit that you mean reincarnation, that every animated being in existence is somehow home to a constant invisible life force. This is a belief system, no better than Christianity.

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