If god can do anything, can god create a rock so heavy he cannot lift it?

Posted by: discomfiting

Omnipotence paradox

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If a being can perform any action, then it should be able to create a task which this being is unable to perform; hence, this being cannot perform all actions. Yet, on the other hand, if this being cannot create a task that it is unable to perform, then there exists something it cannot do.

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madness says2014-06-06T20:08:09.8414375-05:00
I think I made this exact poll like a week ago. (Mine is much better.)
discomfiting says2014-06-06T20:08:45.5108577-05:00
Auragirl360 says2014-06-06T20:12:06.3687141-05:00
That would create a paradox. He wouldn't be able to lift it, because he made it that way, BUT he can do anything, so he COULD lift it. But he can't. But he can. Paradox.
madness says2014-06-06T20:15:58.9099228-05:00
Meaning that Gods power has limits ^
MyDinosaurHands says2014-06-06T20:20:16.0624068-05:00
I'd answer this, but my brain has exploded.
voxprojectus says2014-06-06T21:34:25.7897893-05:00
So God's existence is already a paradox in its nature. God, already being an impossible thing, can do impossible things, therefore, simply put, God can make a rock that is so heavy he cannot move it, and then he can move it anyway. That's how omnipotence works.
SamStevens says2014-06-06T22:44:35.5422590-05:00
My question is which God is this poll about? There are hundreds of Gods out their, so a little specification would be nice.
spinalcordreactor says2014-06-06T23:12:01.9704387-05:00
Madness your polls always suck so it's hard to gage which polls suck more.
spinalcordreactor says2014-06-06T23:12:29.6292387-05:00
Who gives a sh*t?
spinalcordreactor says2014-06-06T23:26:02.4172924-05:00
"Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions"
Fight4Liberty says2014-06-07T01:26:56.7112157-05:00
It's really not complicated; God could create a rock too heavy to lift beyond his power at the time, but then advance His powers to a higher level.
Kerfluffer says2014-06-07T15:56:26.7122408-05:00
God can create a rock that He cannot lift. However, He is SO powerful that He can still lift it anyway.
jaksunmadness says2014-06-08T01:45:47.3541899-05:00
If he can do anything.... Then the statement made after that is invalid he can then lift the rock he couldnt lift because he can do ANYTHING
SweetTea says2014-06-08T16:10:31.5732712-05:00
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” -- Matthew 19:26

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