If God Does Not Exist, Is This Not A Proof That It Exists?...

Posted by: cosecant

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PinValentine says2014-06-30T12:08:48.9262454-05:00
What is the question here?
briantheliberal says2014-06-30T12:12:02.0614590-05:00
YamaVonKarma says2014-06-30T12:13:41.4334590-05:00
This has cost me braincells.
Kreakin says2014-06-30T12:27:06.3786538-05:00
This poll is worse for my brain than alcohol & meth combined..
BblackkBbirdd says2014-06-30T13:26:32.4840455-05:00
BblackkBbirdd says2014-06-30T13:26:43.2169143-05:00
mishapqueen says2014-06-30T17:09:11.0789818-05:00
I don't understand the question. I'm confused.
quitbitchin says2014-06-30T22:40:14.1611779-05:00
You hurt my head in a question that I don't even understand
madness says2014-07-01T15:22:26.9603427-05:00
I think what the polleris trying to say is, that God is a transgender as the poller referred to God as an it.
Criomorph says2014-07-04T21:55:52.5699335-05:00
"If God Does Not Exist, Is This Not A Proof That It Exists?..." Very poorly worded. And also, idiotic. God doesn't exist, how can it's existence be proven by the fact that it doesn't exist...It's retarded.

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