If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, would wisdom still be needed?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Yes

  • No

83% 5 votes
17% 1 votes
  • Everyone should try and be a little wise because wisdom helps channel inner peace and wisdom tends to be way smarter than just pure book gibberish! In other words, if no one had wisdom, we would probably all be dumb and stupid!

  • Yes. Knowledge and power combined are formidable, but not complete. It is often said that: "While knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad". A god who knew and could do absolutely anything could still lack the common sense to achieve its goals if it lacked wisdom.

  • That's like saying that, because we have Steven Hawking, we don't need to give people a science education.

    Posted by: 124275
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reece says2016-08-03T21:51:11.5100942Z
@PsychicPhysicist Unless he k̲n̲e̲w̲ what goals to set.
reece says2016-08-03T21:53:59.6345273Z
You can k̲n̲o̲w̲ how to do something.
PsychicPhysicist says2016-08-03T21:54:39.3216905Z
Omniscience isn't usually considered to include the ability to make decisions reasonably. He might "know" what goals to set, but we mean something different by the word "know" in this context- we're talking about having already made a decision, rather than a matter of factual truth as omniscience concerns itself with.
reece says2016-08-03T21:57:56.5094825Z
@PsychicPhysicist Did you read my second sentence?
PsychicPhysicist says2016-08-03T21:59:57.0218000Z
That's a different usage of the word "know". It's not the same kind of "know" that's meant by omniscience. Yes, I read your second sentence, I just think you're playing to an ambiguous meaning.
reece says2016-08-03T22:03:43.8189614Z
@PsychicPhysicist I'm talking about knowledge. "Know" originates from k̲n̲o̲w̲ledge.
PsychicPhysicist says2016-08-03T22:08:41.5671149Z
"Do you want to go to the party or not?" "I don't know?". In this context, "know" has absolutely nothing to do with **factual** knowledge; what they really mean is "I haven't yet decided". Likewise, a god "knowing" what to do has nothing to do with factual knowledge as described by omniscience- rather, its meaning is whether the god has decided what to do or not.
reece says2016-08-03T22:17:12.9864687Z
Wrong. First comes the decision, then comes the conclusion. 'Knowing' represents the conclusion.
reece says2016-08-03T22:20:41.6516163Z
Anyway. I wasn't using it in that context the first place.
PsychicPhysicist says2016-08-03T22:22:00.4879515Z
*facepalms* you clearly don't get it, and I'm no longer interested in conversing with you.
reece says2016-08-03T22:24:58.1239182Z
@PsychicPhysicist Omniscience is the conclusion.
reece says2016-08-03T22:32:33.8170583Z
Okay, put it like this... What came first, God's wisdom, or his omniscience? He is infinite, isn't he?

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