If gravity is just a theory (like evolution) then what will happen if I jump out my 10th floor window?

Posted by: iamanatheistandthisiswhy

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Installgentoo says2014-04-06T10:07:41.3394115-05:00
The attractive force known as gravity is described in a law, not a theory.
draxhunter says2014-04-06T10:13:18.3327717-05:00
T his poll is just ridiculous. Everyday some dope comes around with a stupid idea and thinks its funny.
00r3d says2014-04-06T10:20:11.3766194-05:00
Because these things are always jabs at anti evolutionists here is some clarification. "While the law lets us calculate quite a bit about what happens, notice that it does not tell us anything about why it happens. That is what theories are for. In the language of science, the word "theory" is used to describe an explanation of why and how things happen. For gravity, we use Einstein's Theory of General Relativity to explain why things fall." http://thehappyscientist.Com/science-experiment/gravity-theory-or-law
IamPlato says2014-04-06T14:50:28.3866500-05:00
A "law" is a readily observable fact about something. It is something that isobvious and undeniable. Allow me to clear up a common misconception right nowlaws are not a "higher" stage than theory, and no theory ever becomes a law.
IamPlato says2014-04-06T14:54:00.0800070-05:00
A theory is an advanced hypothesis. A hypothesis is a plausible, testable explanation of how a phenomenon works or why it works
IamPlato says2014-04-06T14:55:45.5366830-05:00
Simply put: Theory and a Law? The Difference between a Hypothesis a Theory and a Law there are very distinct. A hypothesis is a statement that can be tested. A theory is a statement that has not been tested. A Law is a statement that is relevant and is true.
SNP1 says2014-04-06T17:15:01.6834477-05:00
I think you mean a theory is a hypothesis that has been tested over and over (and they test it by trying to disprove the hypothesis)
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-04-06T23:20:31.7777004-05:00
Glad to see I irritated enough people to drag the concept of scientific theory into the argument. ;)
Amath says2014-04-14T09:58:11.5604520-05:00
I mean...Clearly. Go ahead. Try it.
Griftor05 says2014-04-14T11:45:44.8989297-05:00
I'm just sad there's no option for "I'll evolve into the next form of Human"

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